As the THIRD biggest shopping holiday of the year rolls around, we’re challenging you to rethink your purchases this year and to shop a little greener when picking up a gift for mom.

Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the motherly figure in your life. If you’re in the spirit of sending a tangiable gift, we’ve listed some fantastic ideas and suggestions below from eco-conscious businesses who have the environment in mind when crafting their wares! 

Welcome to our 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021 …


Tea Bags from TeaPigs Canada:

teapigs Canada specialize in sustainable packaging & plant-based tea temples.

Here’s How:

➡️ Their tea temples and the string attached are made from corn starch, a natural carbohydrate extracted from corn. The label on the end of the string is made from simple, old-fashioned paper. As a result, our tea temples are biodegradable and they’re compostable with your council food waste collection.

➡️ The outer cartons of their 15’s packs and matcha products are made from FSC certified paper. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. They are a brilliant organisation who only source wood from sustainably managed forests. The paper they source comes from forests that will be protected and conserved for generations to come. What’s more, the ink that’s used to print on our cartons is vegetable-based!

➡️ The clear inner bag that keeps your tea temples fresh and air tight is made from a wonder-material called Natureflex. The geniuses at Futurama (not the TV show) have figured out how to convert renewable wood pulp into airtight packaging, which means that this clear inner bag is both biodegradable and compostable! It might feel strange because it looks like plastic (!) but the Natureflex bags can be composted at home or with your local council food waste collection.

☕ Ethical Scheme:

💖 Most of the tea for teapigs Canada‘s signature english breakfast tea comes from Gisenyi, Rwanda and we work with the Point Foundation to support orphans and vulnerable young people in the area. They make a donation to the Point Foundation with every pack of english breakfast tea we sell.

💚 teapigs also members of the Rainforest Alliance & Ethical Tea Partnership.

Order mom some: 

Chai tea, Popcorn tea, Sweet Ginger tea, Chilli Chai tea, Liquorice & Peppermint tea …. the opportunities are endless!

Sweet reads box

A Subscription Box from Sweet Reads Box:

Is Mom a big reader? Does she enjoy sitting in the yard on a hot summers day with a good book? One of our 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – A Sweet Reads Subscription Box .

Each month you will receive a carefully curated box showcasing the novel of the month.

The novel will be chosen from a top bestseller list (i.e. Globe and Mail, NY Times)

In addition to your novel you will receive:

  • an item connected to your novel’s storyline/theme/setting
  • a delicious drink to set the mood.
  • a sweet treat to enjoy while reading

… and a card explaining our choice of novel and how your items connect.

The Sweet Reads team have been Random Acts of Green Business members going on a year. This April they challenged their followers with a great upcycling challenge – Show us how you reuse ♻️ your Sweet Reads Box  – with the Sweet Reads teams favouite entry winning a  ‘Best Of’ Box featuring eco-friendly Sweet Reads Box favourite products. Follow Sweet Reads at this link to see their fave!


dirty sea horse

A 100% Cotton Tee from The Dirty Seahorse

Designed in Canada and made in the USA, these 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton tees not only look great, they start a conversation, too.

The Dirty Seahorse team are committed to ensuring that what they do does not negatively impact the earth, its resources or its inhabitants. They want to be part of the sustainable fashion movement, bringing high-quality wearable fashion to closets around the world while reducing our environmental impact.

All clothing and lifestyle items are sourced to meet our sustainability commitments which include:

– Sustainable, eco-friendly and traceable materials

– Fabrics that are non-toxic and renewable

– Sustainable labour practices

– Lifestyle items that promote reuse so we limit what goes into our landfills.

Not only that –

“Giving back is part of our mission towards a more sustainable fashion industry that contributes to the environment and clean oceans. We donate 10% of our profits to charities that support the environment and ocean conservation.

We’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet and Oceana, to ensure your purchases fuel activities that help the earth and our oceans.”




A Bath Bomb Greeting Card from joywrap:

This is a two-in-one gift as one of our 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (we’re only going to count it as one though 😉 ).

Write a special message to mom then encourage her to have a relaxing bath with a card from joywrap:

Turn a traditional greeting card into a whole experience that leaves no waste behind!

Seriously, this card completely dissolves in water, creating a bath bomb experience, complete with fizz, scents and colour! 🎉

Made from all-natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients. Even the dissolving paper and printer ink are food grade! 🌱

Handmade with love in Canada.❤️

Green tip – use old bath water to water your plants. ❤️


A Journal from EcoJot:

Does mom like to jot down thoughts, recipes, lists? Consider sending her a journal from Canadian company Ecojot.

They have a beautiful array of colourful journals including a Strong Women series. These journals are made from 100% post-consumer recycled – made entirely from old waste paper in the award-winning Cascades mill in Québec, Canada. All inks and glues are vegetable based, and all black and kraft boards are sourced from sustainable suppliers in North America.

Ecojot was awarded the Ancient Forest Friendly and Order of the Forest Awards by Canopy in 2012.

Over the years, Ecojot has donated thousands of books to kids in need all over the world with the Buy 1 / Give 1 campaign.

Furthermore, Ecojot donate a portion or all sales to various causes that they believe in.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, The RSPCA of Southern Australia,

Live It Earth, Umoja Global and Center for the Arts, Port au Prince, Haiti.


globally local

A Gift Card for a Plant-Based Meal from Globally Local:

Save Mom from cooking. We’re suggesting a gift card from Globally Local as one of our 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Globally Local have locations in the Greater Toronto Area, Windsor, Hamilton and London, Ontario.

“Our mission is to disrupt the fast-food industry by offering delicious food made from scratch using plant-based, minimally processed and sustainable ingredients that are good for people and the planet.”

They have an amazing selection of vegan fastfood including burgers, wraps and shakes.

You can order vouchers online if you’ve left shipping a liiiitle too late this year.

rose toronto

Organic Rose Water Mist from ROSÉ Toronto:

😥 The overuse of chemicals is endemic in the skin care industry – ROSÉ Toronto.

💚 It is important to understand that what makes you feel beautiful may not be good for you. For this reason, when developing ROSÉ Toronto’s first product, the team focused on finding biologically compatible components. Sticking to the bare essentials, so that products would truly be pure and free from harsh chemicals.

🌎 All ROSÉ Toronto products are cruelty free, organic, sustainable, free-trade and locally made.
🌎 They contain certified organic, plant-based oils, using a cold-pressed extraction method, ensuring that the nutrients are not compromised.
🌎 We do not dilute, deodorize, or add fragrance to our products, they are also packaged in a matte black ampule to preserve the integrity of the oils we use.

We’re suggesting Organic Rose Water mist as a great eco-gift idea for Mother’s Day. Rose water is typically double distilled to remove all oil, rosewater hydrofoil is distilled without removing any oil helping deliver the ultimate dewy, glowing skin throughout the day. The mist works as a toner, refresher and setting spray for an instant skin pick-me up!

allen wick

A Soy Candle Set from Allen Wick Candles:

Allen Wick Candles hand pours every candle in small batches with all natural, 100% plant-based soy wax that is sustainable & renewable. They have a special box crafted for Mother’s Day that features scents like Lemon Chiffon Cake and Pink Cherry Donut!

Each candle is beautifully handcrafted using top quality soy wax that is cruelty-free, has no petroleum products, and is free of GMO’s & phthalates.

Another amazing fact is that they reuse vintage glassware to make their desert soy candles.

They even encourage their customers to reuse the jars their regular products come in by simply washing them with soap and water. What a great act of green!

They are featured on our Mobile App, providing discounts on their products to app users who reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

We hope you enjoy our speedy gift guide. 

We’d love to hear about your sustainable Mother’s Day traditions. Let us know in the comments below.

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