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Our memberships give you an easy way to go green and help make a positive impact. We are committed to changing behaviours, spreading knowledge, and making an impact, that’s how you can make a difference. Join us, try one of our memberships!

The best part is, anyone is welcome to join! This includes students, individuals, businesses and ambassadors. As a community, we can achieve anything. Let’s get going. Let’s go green together.


Wondering why you should subscribe to one of our memberships? Take a closer look, we have three membership programs, each with their own unique benefits and features.

When subscribing to a membership, your options are to join as a business, an individual, or as an ambassador. Here are some key benefits for each one.
Green Points Earned
Kg of Carbon Saved
Green Acts Logged

Business Programs

For businesses who are tenacious and will
stop at nothing to make a sustainable difference.

Individual Programs

For individuals ready to make an independent impact.
Become a member of our strong community.


Ambassador Program

For eco-friendly ambassadors who volunteer their time
to motivate and engage online audiences.

How it Works

As an ambassador, your main objective is to develop, create and share eco-friendly content to engage audiences online. Being an ambassador is 100% free, quite simple and only takes about 1 hour of your time. Here’s how you can start…
  • 1Capture a Green Act
  • 2Share it on Instagram
  • 3Tag @randomactsofgreen
  • 4Repeat on a Monthly Basis

What are the

The 3 Main Objectives of the Ambassador Program:
  • 1Develop, create, capture, and share more environmental social content
  • 2Leverage the power of social media: to motivate online audiences to make more sustainable choices
  • 3Connect the dots: “I’m just one person, why does it matter?” – said 7 billion people. Individual action doesn’t mean much on its own – but collective action does!

Act Green, Wear Green

Wear your commitment to our planet and be an inspiration to those around you with our Random Acts of Green Upcycled T-Shirt.