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Our memberships give you an easy way to go green and help make a positive impact. We are committed to changing behaviours, spreading knowledge, and making an impact, that’s how you can make a difference. Join us, try one of our memberships!

The best part is, anyone is welcome to join! This includes students, individuals, businesses and ambassadors. As a community, we can achieve anything. Let’s get going. Let’s go green together.


Wondering why you should subscribe to one of our memberships? Take a closer look, we have three membership programs, each with their own unique benefits and features.

When subscribing to a membership, your options are to join as a business, an individual, or as an ambassador. Here are some key benefits for each one.
Green Points Earned
Kg of Carbon Saved
Green Acts Logged

Individual Membership Programs


For individuals ready to make an independent impact.
Become a member of our strong community.


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Ambassador Program

For eco-friendly ambassadors who volunteer their time
to motivate and engage online audiences.

How it Works

As an ambassador, your main objective is to develop, create and share eco-friendly content to engage audiences online. Being an ambassador is 100% free, quite simple and only takes about 1 hour of your time. Here’s how you can start…
  • 1Capture a Green Act
  • 2Share it on Instagram
  • 3Tag @randomactsofgreen
  • 4Repeat on a Monthly Basis

What are the

The 3 Main Objectives of the Ambassador Program:
  • 1Develop, create, capture, and share more environmental social content
  • 2Leverage the power of social media: to motivate online audiences to make more sustainable choices
  • 3Connect the dots: “I’m just one person, why does it matter?” – said 7 billion people. Individual action doesn’t mean much on its own – but collective action does!

Act Green, Wear Green

Wear your commitment to our planet and be an inspiration to those around you with our Random Acts of Green Upcycled T-Shirt.