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Join Our JollyGreen Holiday Eco-Challenge!

Our 4th annual JollyGreen™ Holiday Challenge is designed to help educate the public on different things they can do during the month of December to reduce holiday waste.

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Our vision is to build a global climate action sustainability community where everyone feels empowered to take actions together. Our mission is to prove that any change – no matter how big or how small – can add up to make a big collective impact. Our community recognizes that we all have a part to play in protecting our shared home and can work together to make an impact.

Measuring carbon emissions

Our app quantifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced by each sustainable action. Calculate your carbon footprint with us.

Rewarding Eco Friendly Actions

With our mobile app, we reward people for taking eco friendly actions.

crowdsourcing sustainable living ideas

Fresh, new, unique and random sustainable tips all the time. Follow us on social media for fresh sustainable living ideas!

Go Green by becoming a member

We partner with members who share our values and align with our mission. Your green team will have fun sustainability initiatives to take part in. Learn how to make your office more sustainable with our membership.

inspiring others with green acts

We know change starts with 1 person, but that 1 person creates ripple effects. Be the change and get started with sustainable living today.

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Join us in making real impact and be part of a community that celebrates every big and small green behaviour. We’ve gathered eco-conscious individuals, green promoters, environmental enthusiasts, and those who want to make a difference.

Individuals, businesses, and community – anyone can join.

Become a Green Business

We empower organizations and their teams to work together to act in ways that benefit our shared home. Get fresh committee ideas and learn new initiatives on how to go green

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Individual Program - Sustainable Living Ideas

Become a member – either as a student or as an individual. Join our community movement today and help make an impact as a group.Get access to eco tips.

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Green Spotted Ambassador Program

Be the eyes and ears of Random Acts of Green and share positive actions as they’re happening.

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Join our Green Movement Today

Whether you’re an eco-business, or a business starting its own sustainability journey, an individual, or a student, our team is here to support your growth and your overall mission to protect our shared home.

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Why our eco- community is different

We celebrates a community of members from businesses to individuals (like you and me) who are tenacious and will stop at nothing to make a difference.

We’re not just an app, we have a community of people who engage in collective climate action. We’re connected to something bigger – a movement. 

Top trending Green Acts

An action can be as small as changing day-to-day behaviour or as big as installing solar panels. All eco friendly actions compound to big climate action if we all do it together.

Learn new ways to make a difference and encourage friends and family to join in sustainable living ideas.

Bring Reusables on Outdoor Adventures

Compost Your Food Scraps Into Garden Gold

Visible Mending with Pride!

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