About Our App

Random Acts of Green™ introduces a new way for you to keep track of your sustainability impact.

Receive rewards when you track, log & record your daily green acts on our app.

App Features

We are here to prove that seemingly small daily actions can all add up to a large collective impact! 

What is a ‘Green Act‘?

A ‘Green Act’ can be as small as changing day-to-day behaviour or as big as installing solar panels. All ‘Green Acts’ compound to big climate action if we all do it together.

Green Act Database — Learn new great Green Acts on our App

Choose from a number of Green Acts in our database to help you on your sustainability journey. From small acts, to a little bigger, to big – we’re here to support you through all of them.

Log in your Green Acts and get Green Points in return.

Leaderboard — Engage in eco-friendly competition

Let’s be honest. We’re all a little competitive.

With the Random Acts of Green app, you can access our leaderboard and check out the competition, see where you stand against family and friends, support, and motivate your community.

Green Store — Redeem Green Points at our store

All your favorite eco-businesses under one roof – and more! Discover new products and services that help you become even more sustainable.

Use your Green Points to get valuable discounts at our store.

Interested in getting featured as an eco-business at our store? Become a Green Business member.


Group Green App Code

Motivate your team, students, or your whole community, with engaging team-building activities. Create a Group App Code just for your closed community and compete.

It’s time to get your community moving in the green direction. Get Started Today!


One-Time Group Code

  • Get everyone involved
  • Deepen awareness
  • Spark friendly competition


Yearly Subscription
  • Build community ties
  • Ongoing collaboration
  • Track collective impact