Random Acts of Green® App


What are YOU doing for our environment?

Maybe you Compost… Carpool… Eat less meat… Wash your clothes in cold water… Walk to work… or Take speedy showers?

Some ideas for our app

Whatever it is – we think your green acts are AWESOME

SO awesome – that we think you should be rewarded for them!

Random Acts of Green® is very excited to announce our exciting new mobile app that will reward people for participating in “Acts of Green”.

The Random Acts of Green® app will provide individuals with a range of behavior-based approaches that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that harm our planet.

Our app quantifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced by each Act of Green.

Every act will be assigned a “Green Point” value. We will partner with sponsors who will provide real world discounts on products/services or “gifts” for redeeming their “Green Points”.

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A few of our #Green Vendors:

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The app will include actions from various areas, including waste, transportation, energy, food, and water.


Check out the pictures below!

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The Random Acts of Green™ app  allows

  • Allow individuals to register a personal account;
  • Track, log & record individual Random Acts of Green™ via self-reporting;
  • Calculate overall GHG emissions reductions;
  • Send reminder notifications to log and record Random Acts of Green™;
  • Provide comprehensive visual figures and trends for users to build understanding of how daily choices impact our environment; and
  • Incorporate social media sharing options to motivate and inspire others to achieve daily carbon-reduction goals.

The app will help users understand their impact, motivate them to select low-carbon options, and encourage them to achieve a daily carbon reduction target that fits their lifestyles.

Watch the video:


Keep your eyes on the green prize…

Bonus Green Points will be awarded for the first 1000 App Users! Additional Green Points will be awarded for getting your friends to sign up for the app too 🙂

Sign up below to be on the Random Acts of Green Launch Day List of Green Act Leaders!




Green Act Leaders:

1. Lindsay Muller
2. Jessica Correa
3. Raja Subramaniam
4. Gordon Halsey
5. Lisa Tejpar
6. Desiree Bandi
7. Claudia Foung
8. Emily Amon
9. Nathan Kelly
10. Jennifer Markwick
11. Pete Ducusin
12. Milada Dzevitski
13. Megan Winger
14. Emma Will
15. Dawn Francom
16. Sandra Reaume
17. Kristen Love
18. Nancy Zomer
19. Andrew Jordan
20. Wendy Marrs
21. Eileen Chen
22. Jaimee Jakobczak
23. Jessica MacKenzie
24. Hannah Blanchard
25. Erin Hamilton
26. Heather Wilson
27. Meghan Robinson
28. Sarah Finley
29. Natasha Bandi
30. Chelsea Cameron-Fikis
31. Erin Bayus
32. Bhav Mistry
33. Nicole Mastrangelo
34. Kathleen Barker
35. Kateryna Tepylo
36. Barb Verkaik
37. Michael Verkaik
38. Savanna Verkaik
39. Chantelle Verkaik
40. Maggie Mierzejewski
41. Amie Heaslip
42. Deryck Robertson
43. Marnie Kellar
44. Matt Baylis
45. Jill McCullough
46. Oriana Knox
47. Becky Mills
48. Shelby Storey
49. Meghan Walsh
50. Alison Feist
51. Janelle Kelcey
52. Brooke NanceKivell
53. Kat Davis
54. Robert Monico
55. Emily Knipp
56. Sam Medeiros
57. Kayla Reinhard
58. Rachele Entwistle-Anderson
59. Skylar McGeorge
60. Ashley Bonner
61. Krystle Mitchelitis
62. Laura Mann
63. Ivana Sekularac
64. Robyn Randman
65. Kateryna Willcox
66. Janine Murawsky
67. Kelby Ogryzlo
68. Eileen Kimmett
69. Arthi Ramachandran
70. Kelly Swift
71. Jessica Lenters
72. Jessica Hobbins
73. Michelle Hill
74. Chris Cordy
75. Sophia Tan
76. Colleen Orrick
77. Brian Hong
78. Ashlyn Kennedy
79. Husayn Dharshi
80. Vicky Watson
81. Elyse Doane
82. Rita Oates
83. Clélia Germain
84. Clare Black
85. Heather Buchanan
86. Leah Hoskin
87. Maxine Buott
88. Andra Fritjers
89. Judith Amesbury
90. Ronald Cooper
91. Janey Lynn
92. Jessica Fabbi
93. Andrea Korsch
94. Emma Will
95. Samantha Shaw
96. Alicia Mishinski
97. Christy Cook
98. Emilie Metcalfe
99. Robin Wakelin
100. Lori Downie
101. Ashleigh Gibb
102. Sherrie LeMasurier
103. Don Koppin
104. Theresa Phillips
105. Dan Choate
106. Rachel Ramljak
107. Kamalan Chandran
108. Laurie Baldock
109. Lori Gershon
110. Neel Jethwa
111. Heather Starchuk
112. Erin Embury
113. Madison Meszaros
114. Brittany Donnelly
115. Venu Tiwari
116. Seti Nejad
117. Adam B
118. Mason Unrau
119. Meghan Laurie
120. Steph F
121. Nala Cireo
122. Bethany Herlihey
123. Meagan Rankin
124. Jose Fuentes
125. Anthony Suresh
126. Kaitlyn Ittermann
127. Joe Jediack
128. Cathy Mitchell
129. Anne Sloggett
130. Greg Rexe
131. Gideon Trudell
132. Priscilla Turvey
133. Janessa G
134. Daniel Morris
135. Tracey Timms
136. Shelley Philpott
137. Jackie LaPointe
138. Maureen Brand
139. Jessica Grande
140. Reetesh Khare
141. Sarah Bolivar
142. Siena Morris
143. Melissa Tremaine-Snip
144. Michelle Cohen
145. Juan Gomez
146. Marjorie Gallerneault
147. Gladys Stephen
148. Bea Cha
149. Cheri Anderson
150. Barbara Penkman
151. Vincent Migwans
152. Nancy Doherty
153. Manon Fleurus
154. Sharon Roy
155. Morgan Nichols
156. Pamela Van Nest
157. Bev Page
158. Helen Zettel
159. Eric Daechsel



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