Random Acts of Green Upcycled T-Shirt


Our 50/50 fabric made from recycled polyester (plastic bottles) & organic cotton has been tested for warp, weft, and washing to establish the fabric’s stability and longevity. Try out our eco friendly clothing options and start your sustainable fashion journey with this green t shirt. Try out our sustainable clothing today.

This is not just a shirt. It’s so much more.

  • Wear your commitment to the planet on your sleeve.
  • Be part of a mindful community that extends past borders
  • Be an inspiration to others and get more people talking green.
  • Take action and start green conversations with others right and left.

This is a symbol of hope, not unlike Superman’s ‘S’ – but for the planet! With this eco friendly shirt, you’re joining in on our mission to protect planet earth one Green Act at a time. Check out our sustainability impact we’ve made here.



This shirt is a symbol of your environmental values, your commitment to taking action, and your stance that you’re serious about tackling environmental problems like:

1. Food Waste
2. Climate Change
3. Pollution
4. Biodiversity Loss
5. Plastics in the ocean

Support our mission to educate, entertain, engage, and empower both individuals and organizations to participate in #green behaviour locally and globally! With this upcycled t-shirt, you’ll showcase your commitment to:

  • Eco-conscious consumption. The T-shirt is made from low-impact materials.
  • Upcycling/Repurposing. By repurposing, you’ll extend this item’s life cycle. Here are 8 effective ways to use them around the house.

Our green eco-friendly t-shirts will fit well into your wardrobe, especially as a WFH breathable, soft, and comfortable alternative. These organic, cotton t-shirts are also a great way to start your sustainability journey and encourage others to join. You can also gift these t-shirts to loved ones.

Random Acts of Green is a Canadian social enterprise that aims at promoting sustainable behaviour in big – and small ways.


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