Here at Random Acts of Green we empower organizations and people to work together to act in ways that benefit our shared home. We  currently have 150+ business and individual members. Inspired by their diverse green-acts we’ve crafted our latest blog: How to be Green: A Mega List of 98 Green Tips.

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Vegan & Vegetarian Green Tips:

Diets high in meat and dairy contribute to climate change.

The following green tips will help you reduce (or eliminate) the dairy and meat in your life!

stats on veggie diet.

Green Tip #1 – Take some time this fall and learn how to cook your own delicious plant-based foods. – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

#2 – Is plant-based food an unknown for you? Try something new this season and grab a fast-food inspired vegan burger. We promise you’ll love it! – Odd Burger

#3 – If you feel like you’ll miss the taste of meat, beans might surprise you! Try out bean-based meats. – The Very Good Butcher

#4 – Is your go-to chocolate bar ethical and sustainably made? Read the label and consider a dairy free, fair trade alternative. – Zazubean

#5 Don’t forget your pet. Try a pet food that’s made from insect protein. We took a deep dive on this subject recently. You can read our blog here. – HOPE Pet Food.

#6 – Support a family business and try delicious guilt-free healthy treats and foods that taste great – peanut butter cheesecake anyone? – Nabati Foods

#7 – Torontonians! No time to cook? Try a zero-waste, plant-based meal kit! – Sorry I’ve Got Plants

#8 – If you’ve time to cook, but feel daunted by plant-based recipes: Try an all-in-one sauce. – La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces 

#9 – Make eating veggies as easy as possible with pre-prepared, sustainably packaged fruit and veg. – Nature Knows Inc.

#10 – Let someone else cook and dine out vegetarian –  Plant Matter Kitchen 

#11 – Are you a fan of protein powders? Make it plant-based and packaged with the environment in mind! – Empathy Plant Co.

#12 – Do you regularly get a ‘mega meat’ pizza? Try out vegetarian toppings instead. – Tomasso’s Italian Grille

#13 – If you’re not ‘big’ on cooking – no problem! Pick up a shelf-stable meal kit. – Everything Nice

#14 – Snack time! Opt for something veggie. We’re big fans of cauliflower bites. – Wholly Veggie

#15 – Try out new-to-you superfoods like açaí berries: Harvested while protecting the biodiversity of the Amazon & the indigenous communities that live there. – Sambazon

#16 – Everyone enjoys a bowl of soup on a fall afternoon. Why not make it vegan? – RicherEarth Vegan Eats

#17 – Grocery shopping? Look for locally sourced and organic. – One Fine Food

#18 – Bad joints? Low energy? Consider trying the superfood of the sea! – Greenfilled


Ditch single use, virgin plastic with these Green Tips:

Try supporting businesses that specialize in eco friendly products and zero waste practices.

Plastic Free

 Green Tip #19 – Consider the impact of  your morning cuppa with teapigs Canada.

#20 – Are you getting enough iron? Skip the plastic vitamin bottles and try out this reusable solution. – Lucky Iron Fish

#21 – Remove chemicals from your clothes dryer and ditch disposable sheets. – LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls

#22 – Opt for silk dental floss (complete with refillable glass container!) – KMH Touches

#23 – Do you feed the birds? Don’t buy plastic bags of feed! Search for a location with a refillable bucket system. – The Birdhouse Nature Store

#24 – Skip plastic AND keep your food super fresh with bees wax wraps. – Abeego

#25 – Keep chemicals AND plastic out of your cleaning routine. Opt for aluminium bottles. – Live for Tomorrow

#26 – Invest in a shaving routine that’s made to last with a stainless steel razor. – Rockwell Razors

#27 – Greenify your First Aid Kit. Try out compostable patches. – Patch Strips

#28 – Ditch the toothpaste tube – Buy your paste in bulk! – The Green Jar

#29 Buy your baking ingredients in bulk. Ditch the packaging – it’s eco-friendly and super fun! – The Main Ingredient

#30 – Minimize the transit footprint of your purchases. Shop local!  – The Refill Stop

#31 – Swap the ‘Bottle Bathroom’ and try out shampoo and soap bars instead. – Nature’s Aid

#32 – Reuse jars and bottles at a refillery. – Saponetti

#33 – Green your teeth routine with a bamboo toothbrush. – The Future is Bamboo.

#34- Having a baby or know someone who is? Try out cloth diapers! – Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company

#35 – Ditch the disposables in your period care routine. – Garden of Eden Reusables

#36 – Eliminate single-use plastic from the bathroom. Opt for refillable, toxin-free personal care products. – Plaine Products

#37 – Spark greater awareness of our existing resources, and encourage more creativity and thinking skills among children. – Play Unloosed

#38 – How do you clean up after your pup? Consider a biodegradable, compostable, and eco-friendly dog waste bag! – The Original Poop Bag

#39 – Gift giving? Stop wasting paper and opt for reusable giftwrap. – joywrap



Help Establish Food and Water Security with these Green Tips:

Combat food and water insecurity by growing your own food, saving water wherever and whenever you can and revist how you treat the food you have – how much food does your household waste?

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Green Tip #40 – No outdoor space? No problem! You can still grow your own. – Just Vertical

#41- Support a grocery store that’s actively reducing food waste. – The Grocery Outlet

#42 – Harvest rain water for your yard by installing a rain barrel. –

#43 – Foster a ‘growing’ connection with your gardener with some help from the pro’s. – The Gardener Peterborough

#44 – Still using single-use water bottles? It’s time to ditch them! – McLeod’s Ecowater

#45 – Have some spare yard space? Grow pollinator friendly flowers or a vegetable patch! – Rocky Ridge Drinking Water

#46- Meet the food waste problem head on with the help of technology. Are you looking to launch and scale food rescue in your community? This member can help! – Food Rescue Hero

#47 – Connect to the land and farmers with a visit to a nearby farm. – Topsy Farms


Keep climate action at the forefront of your consumer choices with this green tips:

Support climate action initiatives through you consumer choices.  

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Green Tip – #48 – Time for a new mattress? Look into eco friendly sleep solutions and make your nap time sustainable. – EcoSleep

#49 – Wine time? Look for a certified biodynamic winery! – Brooks Wine

#50 – Glitter queen? Let your eyeshadow sparkle … without microplastics. – MisMacK Clean Cosmetics

#51 – Ditch the internet giants. Shop for eco friendly products from websites that align with your values. – Ardent Earth

#52 – Gift giving? select natural products in recycled packaging. – Simply Natural Canada

#53 – Does your hairdresser offer gender-neutral pricing and use environmentally friendly and cruelty free products? – The Green Hair Spa

#54 – Giving your pooch a bath? Try an earth friendly pet shampoo. – Eco Dog Care

#55 – Swish Sustainability means cleaning products that are EcoLogo or Green Sealed certified: How green is your offices cleaning routine? – Swish Maintenance

#56 – Want to make eco-shopping efficient? Don’t ride around. Find a one-stop shop for healthy products & food. – Healthy Planet

#57 – Rethink where you buy your apparel. Look for companies that support ocean clean-up initiatives. – The Dirty Seahorse

#58- Be a part of a community where neighbours look out for one another. Advocate for affordable housing.  – The Agency for Cooperative Housing

#59 – Snacks on the go? Ditch ziplock bags and keep food fresh in style. – Demain Demain

#60 – The overuse of chemicals is endemic in the skin care industry. what makes you feel beautiful may not be good for you. – Rosé Toronto

#61 – Love pizza? Who doesn’t! Log green acts on the RAOG app and get a great deal from this member! Boston Pizza Peterborough

#62 – Craft time! Use eco friendly materials and make your own! – Aster and Vine

#63 How green is your personal care routine? Ditch the micro beads! – The Green Beaver

#64- Ordering online? Challenge – Can you get your delivery made in carbon neutrality? – Novex Delivery Solutions

#65- Make ‘me time’ easy and sustainable with a new assortment of books to keep your eyes off screens. – Sweet Reads Box

#66- Does your gym operate with the environment in mind? Take a green challenge with your workplace. – Nomad Striking Academy

#67- Ditch the disposable mugs, cutlery and straws. – TWIG

#68- Are you donating gently-used to the Salvation Army? You can get it picked up and delivered with this carbon-neutral service. – Pudo GiveBack Canada


How strong is your connection with land and nature? Deepen those roots with these green tips:

Deforestation is an ongoing, collosal problem. Just because we can’t see it from our own front doors, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

Meet our nature and land connection members who are working to rebuild and harness our connection to the natural world.

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Green Tip #69- Want to up your green thumb game? Search for tips, ideas, and useful products to rely on. Eartheasy

#70 – No outdoor space? No problem. Explore indoor composting with a vermicomposter. – The Box of Life

#71 – Green your garden with organic and chemical-free seeds & sustainable gardening tips . West Coast Seeds

#72 – Get to know the species we share this planet with. Volunteer to step up your knowledge about animals – Fanimal

#73 –
Have kids? foster a deep Connection with nature from a young age.- Camp Kawartha


How much waste do you make daily? Try and reduce the number (whatever it may be!) with these zero-waste Green Tips!:

Landfill methane emissions are contributing to climate change.

Don’t add to landfill by trying to live as waste free as possible!

Zero waste stats

Green Tip #74 Online shopping? Ask how your product is packaged! Support companies that utilize sustainable packaging & mailers. – EcoEnclose

#75 – Do you wear contact lenses?  Did you know that you can recycle them? – Peterborough Optometric

#76 Are your cocktails eco-friendly? Companies are turning a byproduct into a happy hour drink! – Dairy Distillery

#77 – Support a circular economy and give kids clothing a second chance. – Mini-Cycle

#78 – Make lunch Sustainable! Use cloth napkins & reusable placemats. – MyFunkins Ltd.

#79 Shop second hand: Look for items that have been given a second life! – Junk in the Trunk 

#80 – Looking for a new display or homeware? Seek out a new-to-you upcycled piece! – Re4m Design and Fabrication

#81 – Painting? Consider trying a high-quality, recycled paint and keep old paint from landfill. – Loop Recycled Paint

#82 Avoid virgin plastic. Support companies that are turning trash to treasure! – The Rogerie

#83 – Can’t see what’s in the back of your closets and cupboards? Reduce overbuying through organization. – Gliding Shelf Solutions

#84 Labels can be harmful. Support companies that use labels that are sustainable and 100% landfill free! – Hub Labels

#85 – On vacation? Does your accommodation embrace zero-waste practices by recycling and reusing when possible? – Adrift Hospitality

#86 – Is your labelling company  setting green-goals like: 100% certified fiber by 2030? And, 100% of  plastic packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025 UPM Raflatac

#87 – Get crafty, save money and make your own natural soap! – Soap and More

#88 – See upcycling potential! Donate and reuse wine corks. Get crafty! – The Wine Shoppe on Park

#89 – Rethink your morning coffee. 100% compostable coffee pods and plant-based packaging. – Club Coffee

#90 – How ‘green’ is your local bakery? Maybe they could be repurposing old baking tubs. – Doo Doo’s Bakery

#91 Still using tampons? Ditch the disposables and opt for an earth friendly period care routine. – DivaCup

#92 Dispose of metal & e-waste safely. Don’t sent it to landfill! – Nurse Scrap Metal

#93 – Reuse those old glass jars! Upcycle them into something new to you! – Allen Wick Candles

#94 Back to school? Grab a notebook that’s made from 100% post consumer recycled waste. – Ecojot 



How is your home powered and serviced? Try out these energy-themed Green Tips:

Our recommended eco-adjustments: Green energy, clean air quality, and earth-safe home reno’s.

Indoor air stat

Green Tip – #95 – Did you know you can power your home or business with renewable, clean energy? – Bullfrog Power

#96 – Shop around! Does your contractor embrace sustainable practices like virtual consults and the divertion of waste from landfill by restoring old drain piping to its original quality? – Cardinal Plumbing and Electric

#97 – With a water filter, UV light system and a reverse osmosis tap at your cottage you can produce the same clean water you have at home – ditch lugging plastic bottles. – Doyle Plumbing Heating & Cooling

#98 – When was the last time you checked your indoor air quality? Did you know fluorescent bulbs were harmful? – Gasonic Group Ltd.

There’s more work to do. And we want to inspire everyone to do even more – together.