Our 8th annual HallowGreen ™ Challenge is designed to help educate the public on different things they can do during the month of October. 

Scare away eco-anxiety by taking action with our environmental challenge. After all, not taking action for the planet is a grave mistake. 

With your help, we can engage local and global communities to participate in climate action.

Will you help us scare away climate anxiety by participating in HallowGreen?

2023 has been another spooky year for Planet Earth!

Which environmental problems SCARE you?

❌ Climate change

❌ Food waste

❌ Water scarcity

❌ Plastics in the ocean

❌ Deforestation or

❌ Species Extinction?

 For us, it’s all of the above. Learn more about them here

That’s why we’ve designed this unique opportunity to help keep the climate action momentum strong.   


Here’s how you can participate in HallowGreen™ this year: 


✅  Complete as many HallowGreen Acts as you can!

📸  Share your progress by tagging @randomactsofgreen 

😍  Scare others into making lifestyle s-witches and challenge them to join in!  


Pledge to participate in HallowGreen™ to receive a pledge badge to share on socials and get spooky tips along the way.

Follow our challenge across social channels and share in your spheres of influence to help inspire change!


📲 Many of these actions can logged on our mobile App!

There are over 40+ different Green Acts you can log to help track your impact.

Download it for free to get inspiration on actions you can take to help our planet.

Earn Green Points and redeem for rewards from eco-friendly businesses and services from our member community


Engage your team with our HallowGreen Employee Engagement Guide.  Activate and educate your team with our unique seasonal environmental action challenge!

 Get our guide now for free!

HallowGreen Employee Engagement Guide

Think Outside the ‘Coffin’

Make things a little more interesting by including your colleagues, friends, and family. Here are some ideas: 

🧟 Summon others to a zero-waste contest. See who creates the best costume or Halloween decoration without purchasing anything new. 

🎃Feast on local food and plant-based meals. Share recipe ideas with each other and compete for the top rated.

👻Who is the most forgetful Frankenstein you know? Challenge them to a reusable duel to see who can go the longest without disposable containers.


halloween calendar

🌎 We may be random, but we're not without purpose.

Connect with our eco-community for free resources on actions you can take to protect our planet – starting today.