green teams Engaging Your Employees In Sustainability

Engaging your employees in sustainability - why is it important?

It’s more important than ever to incorporate sustainability into your business strategy. Engaging your employees in sustainability is the key to achieving a full-fledged eco-friendly business and a happy workplace. Adopting sustainable practices is great for the environment – but it’s also great to attract top talent and increase staff retention. This article will explain 5 reasons it is important to engage your employees in sustainability. 

1. Millennials Are Pushing for Better

Millennials now make up the bulk of the workforce. 

This matters because almost 9 in 10 millennials believe that the success of a company should be measured in terms of more than just financial performance.

 This generation believes that companies should pay attention to the environment and care about the social life of their employees. 

green teams: Engaging Your Employees In Sustainability

2. Staff Retention

Employee retention is critical for businesses. An engaged and loyal workforce is crucial for long-term success for any organization. However, a survey conducted showcased that 30% of the respondents left a job in the past because of the company’s lack of a sustainability plan. That’s a huge number! Can you imagine 30% of your team leaving , just because your organization didn’t focus on prioritizing our planet?  You can change this by ensuring you are investing in sustainability initiatives. You can learn some ways here.

green teams Engaging Your Employees In Sustainability

3. Attract Top Talent

It’s no secret that when selecting a  company to work for, people really like to do their research. What is it like to work there? How do they treat their staff? You can be sure to add this question: do they care about the environment? At least 12 peer-reviewed studies showed that many job seekers are attracted to organizations with sustainable practices. This means that you need to ensure your organization has a strong culture of environmental sustainability to ensure that people can envision themselves working for your company. 

Engaging teams in sustainability

Employee Engagement Strategies

Have a look at our information deck that showcases how we can engage your community, team, workplace, or school in sustainability. 

4. Stand Out: Engaging Employees to Create a Sustainable Business

When people are evaluating job offers, they have a lot to take into consideration – and you want to ensure you stand out. Sustainability can also help play a large role in a candidates evaluation process. For example, 40% of those surveyed said they’ve chosen a job in the past because the company performed better on sustainability than their alternative. Plus, 64% of millennials wouldn’t accept a job offer at a company that wasn’t socially responsible. Therefore, it is critical for companies to look to their internal cultures and their overall sustainability goals when it comes to standing out in the job market. Don’t know where to start? Check out this program for some ideas for businesses.

Engaging teams in sustainability

5. Long-Term Commitments

It’s normal for teams to have staff turnover – especially with specific roles.  However, if you would like to prolong the duration a team member stays on staff with your organization,  it’s time to become serious about investing in your sustainability initiatives.  For example, 70% of people surveyed said that if a company had a strong sustainability plan, it would affect their decision to stay with that company long-term. If you want to have team members who are engaged with you for a long period of time, sustainability can help. 

workplace sustainability initiatives

Struggling to engage your team in sustainability?

If you have a Corporate Green Team that just can’t seem to get anything planned or you seem to have a lack of uptake in organizing sustainability initiatives internally, you can read our next blog on 5 Tips to Engage Your Team in Sustainability or visit our Climate Action Engagement Strategies page. You can also view our workshop ideas here to get started today.

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