8 Highlights of the 2020 HallowGreen Challenge

For us – it’s all of the above.


2020 is a spooky year for Planet Earth.

Here are some things that give us the heebie jeebies:

1) We know the worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030.

2) We know more than 1 million species are at risk of extinction due to human activites.

3) We know climate change disproportionately affects visible minorities.

4) And we know many leaders still aren’t taking climate action seriously.


That’s why we’ve designed this unique opportunity to help keep the climate action momentum strong.


Our HallowGreenā„¢ Challenge is designed to help educate the public on different things they can do during the month of October to take climate action today.


Check out the official 2020 HallowGreenĀ ā„¢Ā calendar below:


How to Participate

Cross off as many tombstones as possible throughout the month of October!Ā 
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Think Outside the ā€˜Coffinā€™

Make things a little more interesting by including your colleagues, friends, and family. Here are some ideas:Ā 

šŸ§ŸSummon others to a zero-waste contest. See who creates the best costume or Halloween decoration without purchasing anything new.Ā 

šŸŽƒFeast on local food and plant-based meals. Share recipe ideas with each other and compete for the top rated.

šŸ‘»Who is the most forgetful Frankenstein you know? Challenge them to a reusable duel to see who can go the longest without disposable containers.

šŸ¦‡Slash the amount of kmā€™s driven by coordinating shopping lists or carpooling.Ā Donā€™t forget to wear your mask!

Using the Random Acts of Green App

Use the Random Acts of Green App to keep track of the Green Acts you complete, track the amount of carbon emissions reduced, and collect green points that can be redeemed for discounts on green products and services!


With your help, we can engage local and global communities to participate in climate action.


Here’s how you can participate in HallowGreenā„¢ this year:

Here are some awesome reasons why you should participate:

We hope to have you participate this year with us. It’s going to be a spooktacular time!



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Many thanks to our 2020 HallowGreenā„¢ challenge sponsors:

We appreciate their support in this spooky challenge!Ā 

Join us along with 50 + environmental organizations, influencers and media partners RISING UP to this challenge.
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