Based in Toronto, Ontario, The Green Jar offers people a way to make simple changes to help address the environmental crises we’re facing today—from plastics endangering ocean wildlife to recyclables ending up in landfills.

The Green Jar offers a curated range of sustainable, reusable and eco-friendly products for home, personal care, baby, travel and more.

"Our refillery is stocked with Canadian-made products to make package-free purchasing easy. Simply bring in your own jar and fill it up with as much—or as little—as you’d like."

“If we can eliminate waste for even one product we use every day—like the tube from our toothpaste or cotton rounds we use to remove makeup—it really adds up over the course of a month, a year, a lifetime.

The Green Jar is here to help you embrace eco-friendly living, one small step at a time.”


We’re proud to count The Green Jar as members of the Random Acts of Green community.

1061 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, ON, M6E 1A6
Open Tue-Fri 12-6 | Sat 10-6 | Closed Sun, Mon
416.652.6991 | toll free: 1-866-603-7046

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