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Canadians are among the biggest consumers of energy in the world.

Canadians use three times as much energy as the world average – among the highest in the world.


More than 300 gigajoules of energy per person were used last year –which is even more than our American neighbours.


This is raising eyebrows internationally and placing a spotlight on the need to implement energy efficient practices.

With winter on our doorstep, it is important to explore methods that reduce home energy consumption.

 The Race to Retrofit Challenge, hosted by Random Acts of Green and the Ottawa Energy Collective, can help offer some ideas. Do retrofits seem daunting and inaccessible to you?


Join us November 15th-19th and beyond to take charge of your energy habits. 

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Here’s how you can participate in the Race to Retrofit Challenge: 


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Presented in Partnership with the Ottawa Energy Collective!

Ottawa Energy Collective

The Ottawa Energy Collective exists as a collaboration between many environmental nonprofits in Ottawa like EnviroCentreEcology OttawaSustainable Eastern Ontario and many more.

Their mandate is to achieve net-zero emissions from all residential buildings in Ottawa by 2050 and some of their flagship projects to achieve that goal include the Future Homes Ottawa pilot project that demonstrates the feasibility of deep energy residential retrofits and their social finance series that investigates models for bringing alternative finance to the retrofit space.

More information about their work can be found at ottawaenergycollective.ca.

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