➡️ Nurse Scrap Metal is Peterborough’s industry-leading scrap metal and electronic recycling centre – dedicated to helping reduce waste through extensive recycling services. 

“Since 1954, we have worked hard and efficiently to provide a variety of services, all aimed at fostering a high level of environmental awareness — as well as striving to keep our world clean.”

Our People:
➡️ Knowledgeable
➡️ Reliable
➡️Responsible + Safe
➡️Honest + Fair
➡️ AND FUN. We love what we do!

Our Goals:
💚Change how scrap industry is perceived
💚To build an environmentally friendly business
💚 To develop a lasting company in the community

Our Values:
💚Excellence + Honesty in all we do
💚Business with integrity
💚Environmental Sustainability
💚Safe operations
💚Community Involvement

Our Vision:
💚 To be the industry leader in environmentally friendly scrap metal and electronic recycling
💚 For Nurse Scrap Metal to build a new state of the art environmental recycling facility within our community.



Nurse Scrap Metal have TWO locations:

In 2021 they opened up their second location at 258 County Road 8 in Douro in addition to their flagship yard at 700 Erskine Ave in Peterborough.

Their Douro location offers all the same services and pricing as their Peterborough yard PLUS – a U-Pick auto parts yard!

🏎️ What is a U-Pick Auto Parts Yard?
➡️  To break it down, people pay a $1.00 admission fee to enter the yard;
➡️  They can go pull their own parts off of the vehicle of their choice.
➡️  There is a set price for all parts!
➡️ Doing it this way for people can save a ton of money because they are not paying for Nurse Scrap Metal to remove scrap for them.

This is a GREAT act of green as it will encourage folk to re-use recycled parts instead of buying new for their vehicles!

Check out Nurse’ Facebook pages below for more information on these services:

Peterborough location – www.facebook.com/Nursescrapmetal

Douro location – www.facebook.com/NurseScrapDouro

U-Pick Auto Parts Yard – www.facebook.com/SLM-U-Pick-Douro

NSM Douro
258 County Road 8, Douro-Dummer,
Ontario K0L 2H0
Phone: (705) 652-3338
Fax: (705) 652-1133

NSM Peterborough
700 Erskine Avenue,
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 6V9
Phone: (705) 742-0488
Fax: (705) 742-0480

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