🇨🇦  The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) is the largest holistic nutrition school in Canada and has  been Teaching the Medicine of the Future™ since 1994. There are provincially-licensed classroom locations across Canada plus Online Distance Education. 

🖥️  CSNN is happy to provide flexible study formats to accommodate students. Live virtual interactive learning has been added across Canada to its existing in-classroom format. Hybrid formats may also be offered by select classroom branches. Self-study online format is offered with the distance education branch. These study formats apply to the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program, as well as all introductory, culinary, and advanced certificates and workshops. 

🌎  With the turn of the century, came the dawn of a new era of human awareness, bringing forth exciting discoveries and ideas for a better understanding of ourselves, and self-responsibility for our health. Over this time, the evolving field of holistic nutrition became, and continues to be, the ultimate preventative tool. As complementary health care practitioners, we must always be prepared to step in and provide the type of health care services our communities need now and in the future. We recognize that knowledge in natural nutrition is key in serving this growing need. 

➡️  Our school was founded for the specific purpose of creating a center for learning with a strong practical and clinical approach to holistic nutrition. All courses in the program are designed to provide essential nutritional knowledge as well as to develop the client/practitioner relationship. Students who successfully complete the program qualify for professional designations and titles that are exclusive to our graduates.

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