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Chocolate made from clean ingredients that are organic, gluten, soy & GMO-free
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💚 Zazubean stand for promoting an ethical balance while striving to conserve biodiversity, foster the cycling of resources, and make certain that our chocolate would never subject itself to any GMO’s or non-organic modalities throughout the entire production process.

🌎  Our cacao beans are organically-farmed using traditional shade-grown agriculture that is pesticide-free — protecting not only the health of our growers and customers but also the surrounding species and plant life where our ingredients are grown.

🌾 Choosing to help farmers and their families by ensuring fair wages and working conditions was a NO BRAINER. Zazubean stands by providing all of its hard-working producers and growers with fair and just compensation for their cacao and other ingredients via FairTrade standards.

⚖️ With premiums provided, partners such as Aliet Green in Indonesia & Machu Picchu in Peru purchase school supplies for farmers children. In the Dominican Republic, partner Cooproagro democratically vote to support infrastructure projects like electricity, road & bridge building.

➡️  Zazubean’s Fair For Life certification also guarantees the conservation of human rights during all stages of production — meaning our growers (including smaller-scale farmers) are provided with fair working conditions and wages to provide for their families while also benefiting surrounding communities.

💚 We want to offer not only the best tasting chocolate, but chocolate that is good for you! You can enjoy it all whether you are on a strict gluten-free, keto, vegan and/or kosher diet. We don’t put any Junk or weird stuff into our bars, no fillers or additives – just clean, simple ingredients.

🍫 Our gourmet Superfood bars have smart ingredients to enhance the health benefits of our chocolate, while still being so delish! If you are looking for alternative healthy sweeteners in your chocolate – try our coconut blossom nectar chocolate bars- amaze!

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