Loop Premium Recycled Paint

Loop Premium Recycled Paint
Loop Premium Recycled Paint
Loop Recycled Products
940 Chippawa Creek Rd
Niagara Falls, ON L2R 5T8
Short Business Description:
Our mission is to divert as much paint from landfill & incineration.
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Loop Premium Recycled Paint is made in Niagara Falls, Ontario, by a dedicated team of hardworking, professional recyclers at Loop Recycled Products. We’re the only household-to-retail paint program in Ontario, and our mission is to divert as much paint from landfill and incineration as possible.

We do that by delivering a high-quality, low-cost recycled paint that offers homeowners all the features of high-end, expensive paints — smooth, easy coverage, gorgeous colours, and high durability.
The environment:
At Loop, we think it makes more sense to keep those chemicals where they belong—inside a paint can. Loop recycled paint​
➡️. uses 70% less water than new paint.
➡️. produces 70% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
➡️. keeps paint out of our landfills, air, and water.
➡️. uses 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.
Because it’s recycled, Loop Premium Recycled Paint costs less to make, so it costs less for you to buy it—about half as much as  non-recycled paints of comparable (really good!) quality. It’s a win-win for you and the environment.

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