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Random Acts of Green brings businesses and people together in a community that empowers collective climate action. As a social enterprise, our mission is to prove that seemingly small changes add up to make big collective impacts. Why? Because this planet is our shared home – we all have a part to play in protecting it. 

We are a community

We are dedicated to encouraging and motivating people to choose greener choices. We provide products, services and specific tools to help both individuals and organizations participate in “Random Acts of Green”.

As a social enterprise, we use business as a catalyst to achieve a mission to encourage small changes that have a ripple effect. As a social purpose organization, we are a hybrid between a non profit and for profit. We exist where these two models intersect.


Our Story


“A few years ago, I scrolled through my Facebook Newsfeed and was bombarded by posts about people participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I wondered to myself: Where’s the challenge for the planet?

I hardly ever noticed anyone on social media posting about reducing their carbon footprint.

When I brought it up in conversation, I’d hear the same complaints over and over: no one was doing anything about climate change, it was pointless, there was no hope, we’ll be dead before the problem matters -and that – well – to put it bluntly – we’re doomed.

Sick and tired of the endless excuses, my 24-year old self packed some scary summer job experience working at a landfill (where I witnessed heaps of waste with my own eyes) and my 2 environmental university degrees. I then turned to the road less travelled – I rejected 2 job offers and a prestigious PhD program offer to start an environmental movement.

Much to my parent’s horror, I started a Facebook Page, which rapidly turned into an online community. With help and support, I learned the concepts of operating a purpose & research driven social enterprise I today call Random Acts of Green.

I harnessed the power of social media to point out small things average people were doing for the planet – day in and day out – to inspire more people to act. Whether it was a hockey player, a stay at home mom, a nurse athlete or student – I wanted everyone to know that being green doesn’t have to be just for “tree huggers”- there are simple things anyone can do beyond just recycling.

After 3 years of hard work, I now look behind me to see thousands of supporters who believe in the same things I do. That we aren’t alone. That small changes add up; and that we can fight and work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help better the state of our planet – for us, and for future generations.”

Jessica Correa – Founder, Random Acts of Green, Inc.

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