What is happening for our earth within the walls of our High Schools? The Youth Leadership Program creates leaders of tomorrow

All around the world, we’ve seen high school students inspired to take immediate action against climate change  – most recently, by a 16-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg’s, who launched School Strikes for the planet, which have mobilized many young people to skip school to protest for the earth.

But what else is happening for our earth within the walls of our high schools? 

Cam Douglas, a Peterborough high school teacher and environmental advocate, is the Founder and Project Director of the Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS) program for Grade 11 & 12 students – another way students are becoming more and more engaged.


The innovative 1-semester program prepares senior high school students for environmental leadership roles at both local and global levels.

The program has a strong partnership Trent University, most notably the  School of Education and Professional Learning and School of the Environment departments.

The university has provided top research expertise to help inform the program, including professors from the School of Education & Professional Learning and the Trent School of the Environment!


Cam’s vision for the program was to ensure that students were given a real-world and hands-on experience – including visits to parliament, discussions with ministers, and attendance at protests and the students were even on the news!


In addition, a portion of the program actually takes place on Trent University campus, which provides access to a rich learning environment in general, and to staff, professors, and events, workshops, conferences and special presentations.


It is important to to educate young people about ways they can get involved – whether through politics, social entrepreneurship, ecological restoration, corporate social responsibility, waste management, water preservation and many more.
The reality of climate change is real – but by providing bright, creative and enthusiastic young minds with the right skills and knowledge to be leaders in our community – we can help create change.
It is strong partnerships with universities like Trent University that enable youth to become real leaders who will be instrumental at creating solutions that help combat climate change.
Thank you to the YLS Group for sharing this story and for engaging with us!