We’re so much more than an app or an “influencer”.

We’re a connected community.

Random Acts of Green celebrates a community of members from organizations to individuals (like you and me) who are tenacious and will stop at nothing to make a difference.

We’re not just an app or an influencer. We have a community of people who engage in collective climate action. We’re connected to something bigger – a movement. 

We’re all working towards one shared goal: Climate action

Alignment with Climate Action

At its core, our green community has climate action as a top priority, whether by embedding ‘Green Acts’ into day-to-day activities or by educating employees and aligning core values with climate action.

With the effects of a changing climate becoming more dangerous by the day, thousands of our supporters are coming together to form a community that believes in the same things: small changes add up and we can fight and work together to help better the state of our planet – for us, and for future generations.

We’re your sustainability partners.

Our team is committed to your sustainability journey – seeing you grow brings us closer and closer to our vision. By becoming a member of our community, you will gain an exclusive partnership with us. Our Customer Success team will help you set your sustainability goals and ensure that meet them. Not to mention connect you with the larger green community. 

Stephanie Ward

Stephanie Ward

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Alannah Hardcastle

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What We Do

Random Acts of Green is a women-led social enterprise that aims at bringing together communities with purpose that serve the common goal of protecting our shared home.
We have set out to educate, entertain, engage, and empower both individuals and organizations to participate in more sustainable behavior for our planet through green program memberships, boosting awareness, promoting eco-friendly products, and ultimately, changing collective behaviour for the better.

Our Mission

We aim at proving that we can all make small changes that add up to make a big collective impact.

Our Vision

We aim at building a glocal climate action community where everyone feels empowered to take action together.

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You can support our mission to educate, entertain, engage, and empower both individuals and organizations to participate in more sustainable behaviour for our planet.

How? Connect with us and you can be a sponsor for our monthly challenges and more.

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We’re a team of positive and tenacious people who are determined to help you along your sustainability journey. Connect with us and we can show you how you can easily do that.

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