At Topsy Farms we believe that sustainable agriculture is a moral imperative, and that happy sheep make better wool.

Topsy Farms is a multigenerational family farm that produces high quality, sustainable wool products, and offers authentic experiences that promote a connection to the land. We strive to be ethical, responsible stewards of the land and our animals We have been committed to this philosophy and practice for over 40 years.

Our wool is washed in natural soap only, rather than chemicals. Wool is a safe, renewable, sustainable, biodegradable alternative to synthetic fibre. Topsy wool is soft, luxurious, and will last a lifetime.

Connect to the Land by participating in our workshops and events, or just to get out of the city and connect with the natural world. Part of the proceeds from retail sales fund Connect to the Land initiatives and educational programming.

  • We are a Certified Monarch Waystation, and continue to plant for bees and butterflies
  • We have acres of bush and riparian habitat and have increased the biodiversity of our land
  • We actively and passively rewild areas of the farm; we don’t broadcast pesticides
  • We reuse and repurpose everything we can; farm machinery; tools and hardware; buildings and lumber
  • We have beehives in various locations around the farm and our honey is unpasteurized
  • We practice a permaculture-based system of rotational grazing, consistently improving the quality of the soil, and allowing native species access to more territory,
  • We raise our sheep as naturally as possible, following the rhythm of their bodies and the seasons
  • We consistently examine our systems and practices, to see how emerging technologies can enable us to lower our footprint

(613)-389-3444, toll-free 1 (888)-287-3157

14775 Front Road Stella, Ontario, K0H 2S0

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