The Team

Jessica Correa

Founder & CEO


  • Holds 2 Degrees (B.E.S.S. Bachelor of Environmental Science and Studies and Masters of Arts in Sustainability Studies)
  • Has travelled across Canada from coast-to-coast, spreading awareness about climate action
  • Has helped craft over 10,000 social media posts
  • Has been involved in speaking & leadership training for 3 years
  • Has managed Random Acts of Green for 4 Years
  • Has extensive experience in behaviour change and inspiring climate action

Alannah Hardcastle

Volunteer Coordinator and Social Media Guru

Desiree Bandi

Green Acts Business Membership Sales Coordinator

I love being able to connect with like-minded individuals and business owners who are doing their part for the environment. I am so happy to work with such a wonderful team who work tirelessly to raise awareness for Climate Action through individual behaviour changes. Working for Random Acts of Green really opens my eyes to how we can all make a difference to better the planet and inspires me every day!

Theresa Phillips

Green Acts Membership Customer Service Representative