The Team

About Jessica:

  • Lecturer at Trent University Symons Seminar Series
  • Keynote Speaker at Trent University  Symons Seminar Series Gala Dinner
  • First place poster presenter at Latornell Conservation Symposium
  • People’s Provost Award Winner for the Trent University Three Minute Thesis Competition.
  • Competent Communicator Certificate from Toastmasters International
  • Practical experience disseminating knowledge to the public

Random Acts of Green™ was established by Jessica Correa, a student enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Sustainability Studies Program at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Her research interests include sustainable marketing.

From her early teenage years working at a fast food restaurant, Jessica Correa witnessed first-hand the amount of waste produced by our affluent society. Her keen interest in environmental issues matured as the years passed, and she decided to target her passion to promoting individuals to change their behaviour to be a little bit greener. Originally from Oakville, Ontario, Jessica moved to Peterborough to begin her educational journey in Environmental Sciences/Studies at Trent University. She then completed her Masters Degree in Sustainability Studies from Trent University.

While attending university, Jessica worked for Algonquin Provincial Park, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and the County of Peterborough Waste Management Department. These summer employment opportunities deepened her understanding of environmental issues and inspired her to search for and develop creative solutions. Jessica is a highly self-motivated individual with strong communication skills, acquired from Toastmasters International. She considers herself an eternally optimistic, goal-oriented, and bubbly extroverted individual, who is a religious gym-goer, proud half marathoner, talented public speaker, and ‘enviropreneur’.