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Almost all of us are working, studying, or even living remotely. It’s shifted a lot of how we used to do things. Team building is no different. 

We have just what you’re looking for: a virtual team building tool that helps you engage with a remote team, foster cooperation, improve communication, as well as align your team with climate action. The importance of sustainability in business is no longer deniable. And you need a way to engage employees to create a sustainable business. 

It’s time to get your green team moving in the green direction – introducing our Group App Code – the ultimate team building activity. 

App available for FREE on App Store and Google Play.

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Team Building activities

At its core, our green community has climate action as a top priority, whether by embedding ‘Green Acts’ into day-to-day activities or by educating employees and aligning core values with climate action.

Get rewarded for everything you do for the environment or get motivated to start with our Green App. Download the app, log in your Green Acts, earn green points that can be redeemed at a number of eco-conscious businesses. Discover news ones or shop at your favorites.


Participate in team building activities to make a difference for our planet and encourage friends, employees, students and family to join.


Deepen Knowledge

Learn more about what you can do to support climate action or what part you can play in protecting our shared home. 

Shared Purpose

Virtually seeing people joining and logging Green Acts in the app will build a sense of shared purpose and encourage others to join.

Strengthen Teams

Friendly competition helps foster team cooperation and is great for team building. 

Random Acts of Green

App Features

Greenest app there is. Our Random Acts of Green App is full of great features that encourages collective action, a sense of belonging and purpose, and virtual team building. Learn more about how it works.

Unique Group App Code

  • Create a closed community just for your team, employees, students, or your community.


  • View what teammates are doing and the Green Acts they’ve logged in.


  • Compete with your closed community for a spot on the leaderboard.


  • Send out and receive push notifications to your remote team.


  • Track performance, Green Acts logged, and more.


  • Keep everyone on your virtual team accountable by requesting proof and monitoring progress.

Get started today – team building for your remote team wherever they are

*All prices include HST.

organizations that used

our group app code 

They’ve chosen the Group App Code as an innovative team building method to engage their virtual team, employees, students, or community to align their values with what really matters for our shared home.

Green oval with Sambazon in bold white text at the foot of the oval. In the centre of the oval is a ladies silhouetted face wth purple detailing.
Green oval with Sambazon in bold white text at the foot of the oval. In the centre of the oval is a ladies silhouetted face wth purple detailing.


“The Group Code helped engage our community in a variety of ways to take action. It’s a fun, competitive tool to build awareness at the school to get involved in climate action.”

“Would highly recommend the Random Acts of Green App Group Code for anyone looking for a neat engagement package to showcase our responsibility to our planet.”

“Wonderful app. I love that it tracks the carbon you’ve saved individually and collectively as a group!”

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