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Our businesses are very important to us! They help support our movement and our mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through simple changes – either big, or small!

We thank our Green Act Business Members!

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Susan and Keith Hay

Random Acts of Green was born to change behaviour and inspire people to take action.

Here’s how we’ve inspired our community members:

pat nature“Because of Random Acts of Green, I think a lot more about products I use. I try to use my reusable mug or water bottle whenever possible. I recently did a big purge of things I had, and I gave clothes away instead of throwing them out. What I couldn’t give away, I tried to find ways to repurpose them. Electronics I took to be recycled instead of going to the landfill. I’m much more aware now of what I do.”

-Pat Jielsen, Peterborough, ON

alexbanner“So far I have been contacted by the Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha to speak about my findings to the club prior to their annual spring clean-up, as well as EcoGuardian, which is a Newmarket-based company that produces biodegradable dishware and wanted to get in touch with me about more details of my project for our mutual benefit. The reactions I have been getting from people who have viewed the blog post I’m featured in have been overwhelmingly positive and I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of interest and support this issue has received from my peers.”

-Alexander Cassidy, Trent University Student

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.47.58 PM“Random Acts of Green combines the growing interest in environmental stewardship with the explosion of social media into a unique platform for marketing my small businesses online. Jessica Correa’s social media engagement is compelling, allowing me to get my brands – simplyhelpful.ca and simplynaturalcanada.com – in front of people who share my passion for the environment.

As an adjunct to more traditional forms of advertising, Jessica adds creativity and colour to my personal messages, and helps connect me with her followers (as well as my own) by sharing what inspires me to keep my businesses green.

Video featuring Jessica’s enthusiasm, and effervescent charm adds sparkle to a look ‘behind-the-scenes’ at what I do to be as eco-friendly as possible, in a way that draws the viewer in while effectively communicating the intended message.

RAOG advertising has not only been effective in expanding my own social media followers, but has also helped attract more clients and customers to my professional services and retail products.”

-Sherrie Le Masurier, owner of Simply Helpful and Simply Natural Canada.

“Random Acts of Green is a very dynamic platform! Full of inspiring posts and current information about how we can live greener lifestyles.  From the “150 tree give away” to using less water, to winter cycling and recycling etc., Random Acts of Green’s platform is very practical.  It is also constantly hopeful and inspiring in that I get a sense of the many many actions that are happening to help our earth! I always feel very encouraged when I read Random Acts of Green’s positive posts!

I hired Random Acts of Green to film and produce my own eco puppet company. They did an outstanding job and the response was fantastic. Random Acts of Green has really helped my puppet company by getting the word out there.

Random Act of Green is a fantastic platform that takes the message to where so many people are at, social media.” Paddling+Puppeteers

Glen Caradus, Paddling Puppeteers

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend Random Acts of Green on all their hard work and success in spreading key messages of environmental awareness around Peterborough and the surrounding area. Through their various social media platforms, they have been extremely successful in sharing tips and techniques to creating a more sustainable environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions amongst their strong digital reach.”

Matt D’Agostini, Peterborough Petes

“I have watched as the RAOG brand and its founder Jessica Correa have emerged as leaders in the Peterborough community for being pro-active when it comes to encouraging people to think and act green. They do a great job of promoting sustainability in the city, and are incredibly active both online and offline.

RAOG inspires green behaviour in innovative, interactive ways through reaching out to people on their social media channels with fun educational videos, stories, contests and content that help reinforce the notion of being responsible when it comes to our environment and the impact we have on it.” ptbo

Neil Morton, PTBO Canada

“Based on my past experience as a supporter, volunteer, sponsor and participant in numerous Random Acts of Green events and initiatives, I am very confident in the Random Acts of Green team’s ability to plan and execute on their vision to promote green behaviour. Their creative and effective approach to connecting individual positive actions to the larger issue of environmental sustainability is well known and well supported in the greater Peterborough region.”KawLocalSmall

Rob Howard, Kawartha Local

“Random Acts of Green has brought a refreshing approach to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, by profiling simple and achievable actions that people and businesses can take. Their clever branding has captured green behavioral change, and their expert-level use of social media has amplified hundreds of acts of green.”

Chamber1.jpgStu Harrison, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce

“Random Acts of Green has, in a short period of time, made tremendous impact in the Peterborough community. Using social media, Random Acts of Green informs and inspires our local citizens about ways they can make a difference through adjusting daily behaviours as a small contribution to either enhancing or protecting our environment. Random Acts of Green has proven to us that they can randomly (and diligently) uncover great stories about purposeful individuals acts of green, and use social media to connect to people and share these inspiring stories.”trentu

Neil Emry, Trent University – Vice President of Research & Innovation Office


“I thought Jessica had a wonderful presentation. Title says it all – Random Acts of Green. She was personable, had great info and has inspired me to be more proactive in my green life.”

Deanna Miller

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Would you like to join our community? Send us an email! info@raog.ca

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