We recognize that most organizations WANT to improve our environment, but do not have the time, resources, and expertise to move plans, strategies, projects, and initiatives forward.

Random Acts of Green provides organizations with the tools AND expertise they need to create, measure, and monitor a unique one-of-a-kind sustainability strategy – that fits with your organization’s vision.

We work with organizations to discover creative ways to make realistic environmental improvements and engage staff in every step of the process.

Our goal is to :

  • Identify your social and environmental impacts
  • Explore ways to engage and include staff members in environmental projects
  • Help your organization cultivate a culture of environmental awareness through a holistic approach
  • Achieve long-term behavioural change within your organization
  • Create a unique sustainability plan that suits your bottom line
  • Share your success stories on social media via the Random Acts of Green

Our sustainability consultants take the time to truly understand the needs of clients and creatively discover ways to help clients make positive environmental changes and we ensure they are recognized for their efforts for the action they are taking.

1. Workshops

“Great presenter with lots of knowledge and passion.  Presented the view of a sustainable lifestyle in a very realistic, not judgemental way.  Great App too!”

“Well presented, very current and very interactive.”

“Very good session, great presenter, great tools shared. “

“The session was very informational and eye-opening. Thank you for essentially empowering people with knowledge, to fight for their future.”

” Loved your message! Great approach and great attitude towards a demanding topic. Thank you!!”

2. Green Assistant Program

Phase 1: Discovery – We will do a brief assessment on past green initiatives and assess the needs and priorities of your business .
Phase 2: Recommendations – We will do research and provide a short report with green recommendations for your business. We will help discover new and creative ideas that you can implement. 
Phase 3: Strategize –  We will create a strategy to implement our findings. 
Phase 4: Implementation- We implement the selected Green Acts to help you achieve your environmental goals. 
Phase 5: Share – We will help communicate and showcase the green initiative(s) via social media. 

3. Speaking