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1) Join our community movement
2) Align your core values with collective climate action
3) Learn more!
4) Get discovered online
5) Climate Action Engagement 

Climate Action Engagement

 You can hire us to engage your employees, students, staff, community, citizens in how to take actions for the planet.

Random Acts of Green® Green Chart Assessment Tool this tool is designed to give companies a baseline on how they’re currently doing educating staff about climate action initiatives – and where to go from there.
You can see the attached document for more information and the deliverables.

Random Acts of Green® – Workshopswe’ll engage your team with new innovative ideas from our crowdsourced database of over 3,000 Green Acts. See faces light up with new green initiatives! 

Random Acts of Green® App Group Code this tool can engage people in friendly gamification and competition using our app. You’ll create a closed profile and you can compete with each other to log Green Acts and compete for a spot on a leaderboard. You can track your impact and see how much carbon you’ve reduced, the amount of Green Acts logged, and you can also get a carbon report!


Book Random Acts of Green’s CEO as a KeynoteJessica Correa is an established and seasoned speaker. She has extensive experience in engaging and inspiring people to take action and has even gone across Canada on a Climate Action Tour to engage people to get involved with Green Acts from coast-to-coast. Pricing available upon request at info@raog.ca.


Get discovered

Even if you have a product or service that makes a positive impact for our planet, you need people to discover it

But potential customers don’t want commercials or advertisements.


They want to be inspired by the impact your product or service makes!

Let us help you.

Your team will love working with us to amplify your brand and teach people about the impact you’re making for our planet.


We can help you stand out as a sustainability leader.

If you’re already a green champion, you need opportunities to talk about it!

We can design more ways to tell people about your positive environmental impacts in an authentic way. 

Let’s make you known for being the Green Leader you are.

By working with us, you can continue to build trust in your commitments to climate action

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