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Green Acts

What are YOU doing for our environment?

Maybe you…

Whatever it is – we think your green acts are AWESOME


SO awesome – that we think you should be rewarded for them!

Random Acts of Green® is very excited to announce our exciting new mobile app that rewards people for participating in “Acts of Green”

How we create change

The Random Acts of Green® app provides individuals with a range of behaviour-based approaches that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that harm our planet.

Measuring emissions

Our app quantifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced by each Act of Green.

Rewarding Green Acts

Every act is assigned a “Green Point” value.


We partner with sponsors who provide real-world discounts on products, services and  “gifts” for redeeming their “Green Points”.


Our Green Spotted Volunteer Program highlights our community around the world through social media.

Green stories & news…

Latest Green News Stories

Permafrost is melting quickly – and releasing mercury with it

Permafrost is melting quickly – and releasing mercury with it

Here in Canada, we talk about the weather 229% more than any other country (Influence Communications, 2014)! Recently, we’ve been complaining about hotter summers and colder winters - and climate change seems to be to blame - and it's especially affecting areas in...

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