We’re making big collective impact.

One Green Act at a time.

We have set out to educate, entertain, engage, and empower both individuals and organizations to participate in more sustainable impact for our planet.

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Sustainability is embedded into the core of what we do and who we are at Random Acts of Green.


How we create change

Our vision is to build a global climate action community where everyone feels empowered to take actions together. Our mission is to prove that any change – no matter how big or how small – can add up to make a big collective impact. Our community recognizes that we all have a part to play in protecting our shared home.

We’re helping environmentally-conscious organizations and people make a collective impact.

  • We believe that a big roadblock to taking action is knowing how to help. That’s why we prioritize spreading awareness in all ways.
  • We embrace it all – big or small. Our idea is: a small green act can spread across the community and make just as big of an impact as a big act.
  • We encourage a collective approach to taking action and that’s why we focus on fostering a growing green community.
  • We believe in the power of progress – it doesn’t matter where you start on your green journey, we support you.

one green act at a time,

to address climate change.

Random Acts of Green Members

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Our members

We partner with members who share our values and align with our mission.

our focus areas

Our aim is to reduce our negative impact on our shared home and boost our positive impact on sustainability. To do so, we’ve focused on key areas or themes that we support through all our services, initiatives, and efforts.



Climate Change


Food & Water

Our approach to making an impact


  • We have a set of different Green Programs for individuals, students, staff members, employees, community members – essentially anyone who wants to make a difference will be supported to do just that.

  • We empower through the support and encouragement of those doing small green acts as well as big green acts.

  • We welcome members anywhere along the sustainability spectrum.


  • We offer training, workshops, and webinars t boost awareness among different audiences.

  • Our newsletter features eco-businesses, trending topics, as well as tips and tricks to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Our social platforms focus chiefly on boosting awareness and being the point of contact for all things green.


  • We’ve put together an out-of-the-box toolbox of ideas, challenges, activities (both big and small)

  • Our monthly community challenges are full of simple, actionable green acts anyone can do – and the reach has been cross-country.


  • Our Program members, community participants, online community, newsletter subscribers, and more all comprise our growing green community.
  • We leverage the power of our growing community to crowdsource a staggering number of innovative actionable climate action solutions

  • A key pillar of all we do is rooted in community engagement which translates to a bigger impact.

turning awareness into action.

And action into impact.

Green Acts in our database

Random Acts of Green initiatives

People Reached

Here’s a sneak peek of what we do

A Green Hockey Team

Engaging a local hockey team, The Peterborough Petes, on how to get more involved in climate action. We worked with the Peterborough Petes to help reach new audiences rather than just “preaching to the choir”. We engaged hockey fans, players, coaches, and staff from all ages on how to treat our planet with more respect.

HallowGreen Challenge

This annual challenge takes place every October and engages businesses and the wider community on climate action. 

JollyGreen Challenge

This annual challenge takes place every December to engage businesses and the wider community on how to take climate action. 

sustainability impact reports

2020 Business Community Impact Report

JollyGreen Challenge Impact Report

HallowGreen Challenge Impact Report

Some “Big” Green Acts from our community!