Nutricare want to help you and the planet … since no one wants to hurt when they’re already hurting. 

Unfortunately, 25% of the world’s population experience reactions to common wound dressings. 

That’s why Jame Dutton, the founder of Nutricare, set out to create an alternative solution.


Through Nutricare, award winning flagship brand ‘PATCH’ was born.

PATCH bandages are great for everyone! Sensitive skin? No problem! 

They’re hypoallergenic;
They use a non-toxic adhesive;
The bamboo is soft and breathable;
They’re nice and gentle upon removal.

PATCH are kind to the planet, too:

PATCH is created using a biodegradable bamboo (did we mention it was soft and breathable?). The packaging is compostable AND the they’re vegan and cruelty free.

From the materials and packaging, to the 45,000 trees planted to offset carbon, everything is considered when this team creates!


Recognized as a BCorp organization, Nutricare is globally recognized as delivering the highest standard for corporate social responsibility. 

“Whether offsetting travel through tree planting or regular stock donations to climate related charities, our climate commitment is inbuilt into our DNA.”

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