📦 Introducing Novex Delivery Solutions:  The first courier service in North America to become Carbon Neutral, and the only courier company in BC that’s a Certified B Corporation!

🏎️ The team at Novex are changing the way items are delivered by providing customers with carbon neutral deliveries either through electric vehicles or by offsetting emissions through hybrids and ultra low emission vehicles; 100% of the Novex fleet are ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) or better.

➡️ Key partnerships include:

💚 Bullfrog Power;
💚 Offsetters;
💚 and, most recently the United Way Social Purpose Institute.

😮 Through carbon offsetting Novex Delivery Solutions have offset a cumulative 7400 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is the equivalent of removing 1585 cars from the road for a year. Carbon reports are available for customers to see CO2 savings.

🌎  A huge welcome to this transportation trendsetter – we look forward to working with you in community.

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