Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Nature Knows Ready-to-Eat, Fresh Fruits & Veggies is committed to helping us all live well today and for a better tomorrow.
They provide an array of fruits and veggies that are
🍅All Natural
🚫No Preservatives
🚫Nut Free
👍Gluten free.
Nature Knows uses unique compact compostable packaging that:
☑️Reduces waste,
☑️Keeps food fresh up to 50% longer than prepared items commonly found packed in plastics.
☑️ A cost they feel is minimal compared to the cost of the plastic impact on our environment.
☑️Convenient individual portion size snacks ranging from Farm To Table Resealable bags perfect for sharing and cooking, to our New Snacking/Meal Kits coming soon.

“We understand the crisis of plastics of convenient food items and the huge food waste of over $40 Billion!. We knew Nature Knows could help make a real impact. We are making real, fresh food easily accessible to eat well at home, on the go, providing only sustainable packaging formats that our breathable and stay fresh. Helping us eat well, teaching our next generation to improve their produce intake and make conscious choices that help create a better future for all of us.” –
Andrea Watson – Founder

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7050 Telford Way Unit 100B Mississauga ON L5S 1V7

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