Meet Our Team

We’re a strong, passionate, creative, dynamic, and forward-thinking organization with a strong social and environmental purpose. 

We’re all personally passionate about fighting environmental problems like climate change, food waste, biodiversity loss, and pollution.  





Meet our team of amazing women who truly feel we can make a positive impact in theme areas like waste, water, energy, food, transportation, nature, and clothing. Check Our Impact.

Jessica Correa (She/Her)

Chief Executive Officer

With 10 years learning, fighting, and working in the environmental field, Jessica brings knowledge, leadership, passion, and vision to the Random Acts of Green team. After turning her Master’s Degree into a social enterprise, she’s equipped with knowledge, expertise, and ambition to be the text-book example of what it means to operate a social enterprise that has a strong social and environmental purpose. Favourite Green Act: Eating Vegetarian Meals 

Alannah Hardcastle

Social Impact Manager

A strong and fiery nature-lover and passionate gardener, Alannah knows how to engage communities with purpose. She’s particularly keen on building a diverse and inclusive community that upholds values to create a social and environmental impact . A social media whiz, an expert in target boosting, and growing & amplifying community reach, she’s a big asset to the Random Acts of Green team. Through building impact challenges, monitoring them, and fostering community online and offline, she makes an excellent team player. Favourite Green Act? Growing veggie gardens. 

Stephanie Ward

Community Account Manager

Through member experience, loyalty, retention, relationship building, , Stephanie sure knows how to build personal connections with the Random Acts of Green membership community. An expert in account management, organization, and a true customer service professional, Stephanie can make any member feel more connected to our community. Always on the look out for value-building opportunities, Stephanie is on the front-lines of customer experience management and is always listening, learning, and identifying new ways to impress our members. Favourite Green Act? Being kind to animals.

Ka Ki Yan

Strategic Partnerships Assistant

With a background in Environmental Statistics, Ka Ki Yan knows a thing or two about research, database searching, and creating efficiencies. She assists us in identifying new opportunities to grow our programs and services and works hard at evaluating efficacy among our membership. Through campaigns, contact lists, and organization,  Ka Ki plays a key role in discovering new ways to attract more people and businesses to our community. Favourite Green Act? Reducing waste through reusables. 

Nadia Stewart 

Social Media Assistant 

A recent graduate from Humber College in Advertising and Marketing, Nadia plays a key role in our content creation strategy on social media.  She is responsible for engaging our community with unique ideas, curating copy, and designing graphics that stand out for our audience. Nadia assists us with building newsletters, evaluating feedback, and building promotions for our partners. She is instrumental at keeping our community channels engaged and inspired by working on crafting and positioning ideas, concepts, products and services. Favourite Green Act? Getting outdoors.