Let’s inspire you with our out-of-the box toolbox of Green Act ideas.

We recycle…

We tree plant once a year…

We pick up litter every once in a while…


Does this sound like you?

You need more ways to engage & inspire your employees, students, citizens, or community with things they can do for our planet.

What if we told you there is so much more you could be doing?



We’re on top of things.

We can keep you up to date with the latest Green Act ideas to inspire you and keep your team engaged.

In fact, we have collected over 3,000 actionable simple things you can can do for our planet. 

Your team will love coming to work each day – because they feel good protecting our planet.   

Random Acts of Green® – Sustainable Lifestyles Workshop

The daily choices of individuals will influence decision-makers in government and corporations on a global level. Encouraging sustainable habits within major consumption groups, such as energy, waste, water, energy, transportation, and food, will be essential in progressing toward a more sustainable future. This workshop examines key areas in how to grow more sustainable habits and how to encourage individuals to shift their choices that meet basic needs that provide a better quality of life and minimize the use of natural resources and emissions.
$1695 + HST

Random Acts of Green® – ANALYZE This! Workshop

To acknowledge efforts and practices to handle an existing problem and at the same time explore individual and collective attitudes and behavior that maintain the problem that are difficult to understand. Group members may know what they must do to handle a key problem and recognize at the same time that they are not taking action for reasons that remain obscure and aren’t discussed often. This workshop will define the core problem(s) briefly and create a diagram examine each topic to “get to the root of the problem”.
$1,695 + HST