Green Leader Package

Be recognized as an environmental leader who is dedicated and committed to climate action.

Be a green champion

Whether you’re already a green champion or you’re still aligning yourself with climate action, we can help cement your role in the green community. 

Increase thought leadership

Build community trust

Strengthen green customer loyalty

Package Options

Let’s make you known for being a green champion.

We’ve designed a few package options that aim at highlighting your positive environmental impact in an authentic way.

Leader Option – ‘The Best’

Unlock your full potential with our ‘Leader’ option, which features a company and CEO profile, blog highlight, social media shares and mentions, and a badge of honour recognizing you in our community as a Green Leader.

Expert Option

Let us put you on a pedestal! We can host a webinar that features you as an expert in your industry. You’ll have an opportunity to tell your story, talk about your impact, and speak about what makes you passionate about taking strong environmental action as an organization. 


Commitment Highlight

We’ll shine a light on all your climate action efforts that you’re working on. We want people to hear about all the great green work that you’re doing and ensure it gets recognized! After all, if a tree falls in the forest, does it really make a sound? 

Impact Highlight

Let’s get to the heart of why you’re passionate about sustainability in the first place! We’ll set up a 1-on-1 video interview – story-telling is a great way to relay why environmental commitments are so important to your business. 


of people want to buy from purpose-driven brands that advocate for sustainability.

Pricing & Details

We have three pre-designed options for you to choose from to make you a green leader. But, every business is unique, if you want a customized package, contact us.

An evergreen, ever-growing online community

We only work with businesses and organizations we feel can make a positive impact in theme areas like waste, water, energy, food, transportation, nature, and clothing.

Gain exposure in green communities

With audience targeting, you’re reaching customers who are more likely to purchase your products – after all, they’re made just for people like them!

It’s not just about promoting your brand, it’s about assimilating you into the community and building goodwill among your target audience.

We’re here to help you. 

By teaming up with us, your potential customers will continue to build trust in your committment to climate action.

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