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Going Green? Become a Random Acts of Green Member and join our community movement today and help make a positive impact on our environment. Going Green – together.

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We’re building a global climate action community – where everyone is empowered to take climate action. Going green…together.

Through our challenges, positive highlights, educational articles, guides, resources, social media channels, newsletters, webinars and crowdsourced database of over 3,000 simple and impactful Green Acts, we’ll give you the latest information. 

By joining as a member, we can continue to build a strong community that acts as one – going green together.

By becoming a member, you support our mission and help us keep up our critical work.  

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Why become a member?

Together, we can make an impact.

We invite you to join as a member – either as a student or as an individual.


  • You want to lend your support, but don’t know how to or you feel worried and powerless

  • You are ready to take small steps, but may be scared of making BIG changes

  • You want to take action, but worry your actions won’t amount to much

  • You want to learn how to stop climate change 
Do you see yourself up there?


If you do, we can show you how to make the most positive impact for our shared home.

our focus areas

Our aim is to reduce our negative impact on our shared home and boost our positive impact on sustainability. To do so, we’ve focused on key areas or themes that we support through all our services, initiatives, and efforts.

When you join as an individual member, you will be able to support initiatives across these focus areas, join webinars and discussions, nation-wide challenges, and more. 



Climate Change


Food & Water

How can you make a  green difference?

We celebrate a community of members (like you and me) who are tenacious and will stop at nothing to make a difference.

We’re not just an app, we have a community of people who engage in collective climate action. We’re connected to something bigger – a movement. 


Members are passionate supporters of our community who are given perks and exclusive access to our climate action content.


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