If you think outdoor air is the only thing that is polluted and makes you sick, Gasonic Group want you to think again.

It’s estimated that our indoor environments have up to 5 times more pollutants than outdoor ones. 

And that parkade indoor air quality can be 25 to 100 times worse than outside air.

The problem is, most people don’t know there is a problem.

Our Green Act Business Member, Gasonic Group, can help monitor your indoor air quality with highly trained technicians and exceptional monitoring technology,  offering more than just calibration. They want to ensure healthy air from parkade to penthouse! 


Gasonic Group, based in Alberta, Canada, can come into your work or home to investigate and analyze the air you’re breathing.

Gasonic also offers Environmental Quality Testing Equipment rentals so you can test your own air quality! 

This team has a strong environmental goal: Clean Air by 2050.

“We pride ourselves in offering our clients the lowest incident rates in the industry. If you rely on clean air to keep your people safe, you can rely on us for the most dependable, cost-efficient solutions.”

In addition to Gasonic‘s commendable clean air goals, they also have their finger on the pulse when it comes to clean energy:

Excitingly, they achieved the status of being a net zero emissions company this year! How? By leveraging the energy efficiency Alberta program, to install 29 solar panels on the roof of his building to power not only his business, but the three vehicles he keeps plugged in at Gasonic’s HQ.


In November 2021, Gasonic hit a milestone: If they put the energy that they’d generated through their solar panels into one of their EV’s, they would be able to go around the world once! In other words, they have harvested enough solar energy in 5 months to travel 40,000 kms!


“That’s pretty amazing. It’s almost like having a gas station on the roof of a building.” – Kae Shummoogum – Gasonic owner.


There’s more! In addition to the above clean air and energy programs, Gasonic also offer: EnviroLight Retrofit.

Through EnviroLight Retrofit, Gasonic offers reliable energy efficient lighting technologies to save customers money and inspire them towards greater sustainability.

EnviroLight Recycling offers customized logistics and recycling solutions to help keep harmful toxic materials, such as mercury, out of landfills.

“We provide a recycle system for all types of light bulbs with zero pollution to the air, water and soil. Our system re-uses over 99.9% of the rare earth elements, metals and glass for a more sustainable future.

To date we have recovered 1 Kilogram of mercury! That’s enough to contaminate an entire lake!”

Thank you(!) Gasonic Group for protecting every breath we take by creating environmentally healthy spaces in which to live, work and play.

Bay #8
823 41 Avenue N.E.
Calgary, Alberta
Toll-Free: 1-800-668-7368
Calgary Telephone: (403) 276-2201
Fax: (403) 276-2668

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