eco-friendly date ideas

Roses are red…violets are GREEN?

Your love for your sweetheart doesn’t have to be at odds with your love for the planet.

You can boldly forgo the waste of conventional romantic gestures and plan for a sustainable future – together.   

These fun and simple ideas are suitable for any pair no matter where they are at on their journey of connection. 

Consider these eco-friendly date ideas the next time you make plans!

1. Go Geocaching!

Level up your stroll on lover’s lane by hitting up a local geocache. 

is a real-world treasure hunt where you use GPS coordinates to find hidden containers called ‘caches’. This is a global activity with millions of caches hidden in over 190 different countries. 

Caches typically have a logbook within them so you and your partner can mark your time together in the ledger for all to see.

Sometimes there are small treasures within where you can take something and leave something behind for the next treasure hunter.  

eco-friendly date ideas geocaching

2. Share a Plant-Based Meal

Studies have shown that switching to a plant-based diet can have the biggest impact at the personal level. 

Double your impact by sharing a plant-based meal together!

If you don’t feel comfortable cooking from scratch, find pre-made goods, try a meal kit service or order from a local restaurant.  

Food may be the key ingredient that binds your love together.

3. Take It Outside

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.  Any stroll taken together could be considered a walk down lover’s lane.  

Use AllTrails  to find local pathways you can take together to discover your own neck of the woods.  Connect with your local Field Naturalist Society  or conservation area to see if they have upcoming events. 

Consider emissions-free transportation. Nothing says ‘I wheel-ie like you‘ like a bike ride.

Pro Tip: You can make your outing even Green-er by picking up trash along the way. #Trashtag an area for a shared accomplishment and a memorable experience. 

alannah hardcastle

Alannah Hardcastle

A strong and fiery nature-lover and passionate gardener, Alannah knows how to engage communities with purpose. She’s particularly keen on building a diverse and inclusive community that upholds values to create a social and environmental impact .

4. Stargazing

No need to RSVP for dazzling entertainment when nature provides a free show every evening. 

 Put your phones away and look up! Grab a blanket, a beverage and find a place nearby with the best view of the sky. 

If you want to practice beforehand, here are 5 Easy Constellations That Everyone Can Find.

Take it a step further and explore how different cultures around the world share their myths and legends using the same constellations.   

5. Shadow Puppets

“Love is like a shadow, you can only catch it by falling into it.” – Ambrose 


Shadowgraphy is the art of performing a story or show using images made by hand shadows.

Get creative with these nature-inspired creations.

Dream up the climate future you want to grow old together in and make that story come to light.

Read our other blog post to learn How to Make an Ice Lantern to illuminate your creations. 

eco friendly date idea

6. Learn Something New Together

Variety is the spice of life – and love!

Learning something new together is a great way to spark up a conversation and create a lasting connection over a shared experience. 

Take a class, watch a documentary, attend an event be it in person or virtual if there is distance between you and your beloved.

Remember, environmental learning does not always have to be doom and gloom. Here are  6 Inspirational Documentaries That Will Give You Hope For A Green Future!

eco-friendly date idea

We hope you’re feeling inspired by these eco-friendly date ideas!

Many of them are inspired by nature itself, learn the importance of that here.

We would love to hear your ideas for sustainable date activities in the comments below!

If you are feeling nervous in the face of love or having conversations about climate, read our blog How To Have Effective Climate Conversations – According To Experts”


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