The Rogerie

The Rogerie
The Rogerie

➡️ The Rogerie was inspired by a love of engineering, an addiction to succulents, and some late-night discussion about where our take-out containers and beer cans were made and where they go.

➡️ Here at The Rogerie think a great product is one that makes you smile, and that you shouldn’t have to compromise for the “eco-friendly” version. 

🍃 We created the first negative-waste planter that not only keeps your plants happy and looks great in your home, but consumes plastic that would otherwise end up in the environment.

😮 We use 3D-printing technology to form new products from a variety of recovered and renewable plastics – plastics that come from car dashboards, water bottles, food containers, TVs, fridges, and more!

💚 We don’t want to just reduce plastic use and call it a day, our goal is to reverse plastic pollution recovering and responsibly managing the materials life cycle.

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