The Box Of Life

The Box Of Life
The Box Of Life
Ottawa, Ontario
Short Business Description:
We build a beautiful indoor vermi-composting system to help you compost your kitchen scraps into plant fertilizer.

💚 The Box Of Life has a simple goal – to close the loop on the food cycle by composting food scraps into fertilizer that can be used to grow more food. We build beautiful indoor worm bins that empower families to compost kitchen scraps year-round without the hassles typically associated with composting. The wormies will do all the work for you without having to manually turn the compost, bad smells, or annoying bugs.

💚 Our main product is the Worm Studio, an upward migration worm bin that makes composting super easy by removing the need to separate the worms from the finished castings (the fertilizer). Food is added to the top bin, and the worms migrate upwards leaving behind castings in the lowest tray which can be removed, emptied and added on top of the stack to seamlessly continue the process.

💚 Our mission at The Box Of Life is to create compost heroes from ordinary citizens by empowering them to participate in this beautiful process inside their homes. Composting adds back valuable organic matter back into our soil and removes our dependence on chemical fertilizers to grow our food. It’s a simple individual action we can take to show our love to Mother Nature.

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