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Swish Maintenance Limited
Swish Maintenance Limited
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“At Swish, we share these concerns and recognize the necessity of offering cleaning products which are less harmful to human health and the environment. We offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals, hand hygiene, towel and tissue products as well as can liners that are EcoLogo or Green Seal certified.

Central to our sustainable development efforts is creating cleaning solutions for improved human health and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services by integrating sustainable practices into our own operations.
This means that we are:

Continuously developing and sourcing products to meet customer needs, including a wide variety of environmentally responsible products
Providing excellent customer service, including assistance to customers in establishing and maintaining green cleaning programs
Implementing measures to reduce energy and materials used and to produce less waste in our operational and distribution processes
Providing more learning opportunities for our customers and employees because continuous learning and sharing knowledge is critical to adapting to business needs
Supporting health, education and environmental initiatives to improve the communities in which we live and do business”

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