Sorry I’ve Got Plants

Sorry I’ve Got Plants
Sorry I’ve Got Plants

💚 Sorry I’ve Got Plants , has a goal to make plant-based eating accessible, easy-to-make, & for everyone.
➡️ They help with this by providing plant-based meal kits across the GTA.
🌎 The little things we do each day can have a huge impact on our community and the world around us.
💚 Sorry I’ve Got Plants wants to be part of that equation by making the green food choices you make each day even easier.
🍽️ They also support low-waste initiatives by limiting unnecessary plastics and packaging
🌎 They release a new delicious menu every Thursday at 9AM for you to order and get delivered to your home.
🍽️ OR you can stop by their ‘store’ on Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto, Canada, to grab-and-go with their plant-based sandwiches and  bowls.

➡️ Thank you Sorry I’ve Got Plants for supporting climate action!

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