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💚 – Introducing Toronto-based refill stop, Saponetti.


🌎 And it’s saying, “De-plasticize!” Why? Because each time we buy a bottle of liquid soap, another plastic container is destined for the blue bin, where it enters a giant waste stream. Problem is, only around 11% of plastic actually gets recycled! The rest is buried in landfills! Sent in enormous, diesel-guzzling tractor-trailer convoys. And the percentage that does get recycled? Well, it doesn’t recycle itself. That process burns a lot of energy. Finally, since most plastic is made from petroleum oil, there’s also a sizeable percentage of geopolitics in every gram of the stuff. So why not just kick the plastic habit?

💚 Our Commitment at Saponetti is simple: To provide beautiful, sustainable choices toward a future that relies less and less on petrochemical products. Our business model is built on eliminating waste, preventing plastic from entering landfills and waterways. Like you, we are passionate about returning the environment to a greener era. That’s why our soaps are largely plant-derived, bio-degradable, and either unscented or gorgeously scented – you choose what best suits your household and we deliver it to your door, emission free.