ROSÉ Toronto

ROSÉ Toronto
ROSÉ Toronto

😥 The overuse of chemicals is endemic in the skin care industry – ROSÉ Toronto.

💚 It is important to understand that what makes you feel beautiful may not be good for you. For this reason, when developing ROSÉ Toronto’s first product, we focused on finding biologically compatible components. Sticking to the bare essentials, so that our product would truly be pure and free from harsh chemicals.

🌎 All ROSÉ Toronto products are cruelty free, organic, sustainable, free-trade and locally made.
🌎 They contain certified organic, plant-based oils, using a cold-pressed extraction method, ensuring that the nutrients are not compromised.
🌎 We do not dilute, deodorize, or add fragrance to our products, they are also packaged in a matte black ampule to preserve the integrity of the oils we use.

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