Rocky Ridge

Rocky Ridge
Rocky Ridge
(705) 743-1343
100 Rubidge Street
Peterborough, ON K9J 7Y1

➡️ Rocky Ridge Drinking Water offers a full service water company supplying bottled water and coolers in the Peterborough, Ontario area.

💧 Unlike many companies which bottle water in single use bottles that end up in the Blue Box or landfill, they only bottle in Health Canada approved refillable bottles. They want people to have access to things bought and sold locally, including our water in re-fillable jugs, to help encourage reuse!

🌎 You may pick-up pre-filled bottles, or fill up your own containers in Rocky Ridge’s 24 hour vending or FASTFILL areas, which both offer free bottle sanitizing. Unlike other filling stations, their water is only stored in stainless steel tanks and is continuously re-circulated through ultra violet light.

💚 All their water is bottled here in Peterborough, so a minimum of
trucking is required, and their water is always fresh.

🌎 Rocky Ridge helps their customers make it possible to reduce and reuse (a great Act of Green!) and they are locally owned and operated and accept Kawartha Loon local currency.

💧 Give them a call or stop by their office for a taste test or visit their website at the link above.

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