Peterborough Mitsubishi

Peterborough Mitsubishi
Peterborough Mitsubishi
(705) 748-5050
2071 Lansdowne Street West, Cavan Monaghan, ON K9J 0G5

When we consider buying a car, what factors about the vehicle do you take into consideration? 👀

Maybe it is the comfort, design, features, or price.

Very few of us stop to consider the impact that our vehicle will have on the environment over its lifetime. 🌏

Here at Random Acts of Green, we understand that we live in a day & age where it is difficult to get around without a vehicle – not impossible – but difficult.

If a hybrid / electric vehicle isn’t in your budget, why not downsize your vehicle and invest in a fuel-efficient car, like the Mitsubishi Mirage? 👇

This can help reduce pollution & smog by at least 50%. 😃

Switching to a fuel efficient car requires less fuel to run – so the amount of gas that we use up in commuting is reduced drastically.

Thank you to Peterborough Mitsubishi for being the official vehicle sponsor of Random Acts of Green.