Peterborough Community Savings

Peterborough Community Savings
Peterborough Community Savings
(705) 748-4481
167 Brock St, Peterborough, ON K9H 2P6

Peterborough Community Savings, division of Alterna Savings & CU Ltd.

“Alterna Savings and Alterna Bank, also known as Alterna Financial Group, has been serving members for over a century. We’re doing our part to preserve our planet – now, and for future generations. Like every household and business in Canada, there are plenty of opportunities for us to do our part and help make a difference.
Since we’d like to leave our mark through our support of people and communities – rather than contributing to landfills – we’ve implemented a waste reduction and recycling program company-wide which we are continually reviewing to ensure its effectiveness and viability.  We also use eco-friendly and FSC-certified suppliers for our printed materials.
We’ve also put together an E-Team to help research and implement future environmentally-friendly changes we can make to our business practices.”

Here are some of the awesome Green Acts Peterborough Community Saving have implemented:
1) Installed a pollinator garden outside which support and maintain pollinators by supplying food in the form of pollen and nectar.  This will ensure that these important animals stay in the area to keep pollinating our crops for continued fruit and vegetable production.

2) Hosted a collection drive for donations of typically discarded materials for Compass Early Learning & Care. The children in those programs use them as a unique resource for exploration, creativity and educational pursuits. The program encourages the kids to see the value in repurposing items.

3) They donated their old phone system in entirety to Habitat Peterborough for their use, and saved all of the electronics from going into the landfill while helping a local charitable organization.