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Moyaa Shea Butter
Moyaa Shea Butter
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“Where does Moyaa Shea Butter come from?
Moyaa Shea Butter is produced in Northern Uganda, an area known for its history of civil unrest and instability. Citizens of Uganda have experienced significant suffering, many losing their homes, families, and lives. Thousands of children were kidnapped, trafficked, and forced to become child soldiers, and thousands more were forced out of their homes and displaced throughout the region of East Africa.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case for Northern Uganda. The area is experiencing a period of peace they have not experienced in over 40 years. The Pader area of Northern Uganda has begun to flourish, with many displaced persons returning home and rebuilding their lives. Local entrepreneurs are finding ways to establish sustainable businesses in their home, including a local Ugandan entrepreneur who is very dear to Moyaa: Margaret.

Margaret and Moyaa
Margaret has created a sustainable business in the Pader region by harvesting the fruit of Shea trees which have been untouched by the war. Margaret has mobilized hundreds of local women to collect, dry, crush, and press the nuts from the Shea fruit. This process creates Shea butter, which is a premium quality skin moisturizer. The locals in this region refer to this Shea butter as “moyaa”.

Margaret became a partner with Moyaa Shea Products Ltd. to develop a Canadian market for the valuable and enriching body butter. When you purchase Moyaa Shea Butter not only are you purchasing an exceptional product for your skin, you are also helping support a community of women and men in the Pader area, providing them with much-needed income.

Moyaa operates with a sustainable and successful business model to ensure that those within the community of the Pader area are able to support their families and improve their own quality of life without having to leave their community to find work.

About Us
Upholding fair business practices and ethical business goals is only part of what we are committed to at Moyaa. In our partnership with Ugandan communities, we apply a fair trade framework when purchasing raw materials from them. In addition to this, our team gives back to the communities in several other ways and makes sure every purchase of Moyaa Shea Butter impacts a worthwhile cause.

Supporting Students
Part of Moyaaʼs profits go to supporting girls education. The World Bank report Missed Opportunities the high cost of not educating girls, states that for every extra year a girl stays in school her income can increase by 11%. Children are the seeds of our future, and at Moyaa we believe that every child should have equal access to education for a brighter future. We believe with the right tools, we can empower young students both in our local and global communities to go out and make a difference in our world.

Who We Work With
Starfish Nicaragua is an organization founded by Suzanne Campbell, a longtime customer and friend who believes that education is a child’s tool to succeed and is passionate about creating opportunity for the children living in Nicaragua. Starfish Nicaragua has been sponsoring students since 2012 to attend school, with all donations going directly to the students.
Through the organization, our sponsorship goes directly toward:
* Registration for both school semesters
* A backpack
* Books
* Pencils
* A new school uniform
* New shoes
* A scientific calculator for students in grade 7 or higher
* Anything else that a student may need to be successful


During our GivingTuesday Campaign ( every November ) we donate a portion from every product sold to support the housing and education of youth in transition. This local shelter in Niagara region does so much in our community to assist children and young adults. Helping to keep kids in school and in a safe environment.

Fundraising With Moyaa
Are you looking for an exceptional fundraising idea for your school, community group or non-profit organization? Instead of the usual chocolates or magazine subscriptions, offer your community a product that is ethical, sustainable, and practices the principles of Fair Trade by fundraising with Moyaa.

If you’re a student, teacher or non-profit organization who wants to fundraise while making a difference in the global community, you can join Moyaa Shea Butter Ltd.’s #PeopleHelpingPeople Fundraising campaign.

For each jar of Shea Butter sold, fundraiser’s will receive $5. A jar of Shea Butter is sold at $22, including HST. Our Grade A moisturizer is excellent for the face, body, and even hair. As a natural, organic product it is ideal for both children and adults.

Empowering global citizens is the driving force of our enterprise. We believe in being socially responsible and improving lives through ethical business practices. Fundraising groups can be assured that they are not only raising money for their cause, but they are also contributing to the empowerment of a small community of farmers in Northern Uganda. If you are interested in fundraising, connect with the Moyaa team.

Open Arms Mission

Through Open Arms Mission we provide backpacks and school supplies to help families offset the expense associated with returning to school in the fall. We believe every child should feel confident and have the same opportunities regardless of their economic circumstances.

When you purchase products from Moyaa You are making a difference in peoples lives. Thank you for helping us #peoplehelpingpeople”