Lil Monkey Cheeks

Lil Monkey Cheeks
Lil Monkey Cheeks
Business Address: Pickering, Ontario

“Hi! I’m Renée, mom to two little boys ages 6 and 3, and a 1 year old baby girl!

My journey into natural parenting began with a wonderful home birth with my first son and since then has lead me to make conscious, educated decisions about many aspects of my children’s lives, before just going with what seems to be the “normal” thing to do. I avoid (as much as possible!) exposing my little monkeys to harmful chemicals. I love breastfeeding and babywearing. Oh right, I almost forgot, I am also a cloth diaper addict!

After retiring from a retail vending business that had me traveling across Southwestern Ontario (not so practical with a new baby) I began looking for opportunities to earn a new living, and what could be better than offering the natural and eco-friendly products that I am so passionate about! The decision was easy, so here I am.

This is a home based business in beautiful Pickering, Ontario. Many of the brands in my store are also proudly Canadian! I take a lot of pride in offering brands and products that my family and I personally use and love!”