KMH Touches Inc.

KMH Touches Inc.
KMH Touches Inc.

➡️ KMH Touches Inc. specialize in refillables. They’re both the future and the past. One-use anything needs to be replaced with something better!

➡️ KMH Touches Inc. have created a Zero Waste floss!
Flosspot™ is a mini mason jar filled with luxurious silk dental floss, lightly waxed for strength and ease of use between tight teeth, lab tested for purity. It is not flavoured because flavouring changes the lab results, which we do not want. Fully compostable.

Our motivation:
➡️ The KMH Touches Inc. team were struck in a profound way by the Vimeo movie “Albatross” and we decided to direct the trajectory of our business, clearly on that target! Hearing “Do we have the COURAGE to face the realities of our time?” hit us pretty hard.

➡️ In 2015, KMH Touches Inc. began their search – looking for alternatives to plastICK in the dental field. Hoping to find alternatives to PlastICK toothbrushes, such as cornstarch, tapioca, or hemp (which we have found not to be viable) or wood, which are available but overwhelmingly feature 100% nylon/plastic bristle, that is usually not revealed. And with regard to compostable dental floss? We found only one compostable brand but it was packaged in plastic. Recently hundreds of new brands in glass have inundated the market. Most are unaccredited and mislabeled. Buyer beware! Always check for legitimate certifications.
It is our mission to develop new products to do our part to move the world to reducing plastic waste.

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