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Toronto, ON
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Founded by former University of Toronto Students Conner Tidd and Kevin Jakiela, Just Vertical has created the AEVA to ‘Liven Up’ the inside of your home or restaurant!🌿

🌿 A beautiful invention that grows fresh plants/ herbs all year round!

🌿 The AEVA is a state of the art indoor garden for your home that blends furniture design with sustainable plant science. The AEVA grows 16 plants at once – enough for a small salad per day.

Why a Random Act of Green?

The Just Vertical AEVA:

☑️Uses 95-99% Less water then traditional agriculture
❌Completely Pesticide Free
🌿Grows Quality Food
AmericasLess Waste, just grab a hand full at a time.

💚 “Food waste is a huge problem for Canadians resulting in over $49 billion dollars per year of wasted food. At the same time we are cutting down our precious rainforest for more agricultural land. Since you started reading this blurb almost 25 trees have been cut down. “

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