Hope Pet Food

Hope Pet Food
Hope Pet Food

💚 Hope Pet Food are making the world better – one bowl at a time.

💚 They specialize in Meat-free, Sustainable Pet Food.

💚 Hope Pet Food is for true animal lovers who want to make an impact.

➡️ HOPE’s unique recipe harnesses the benefits of diverse and novel ingredients found in nature. Carefully balanced to be great for your pet, your planet, and your conscience!

🌎 The climate crisis is in large part a result of our broken feed and food systems. In North America, pet food uses 25% of all the meat produced and so significantly contributes to the associated environmental impact. The majority of greenhouse gas emissions associated with pet food come from the livestock based ingredients. We develop meat-free pet food products using novel ingredients to provide all the nutrients our pets need without “breaking” the planet.

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