Green and Frugal

Green and Frugal
Green and Frugal
(416) 890-4270
2432 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON, M1N1V3
Instagram: @Greenandfrugal

Green and Frugal is a Sustainable Living Shop located in Toronto Ontario.
The company is run and founded by Tara Holguin, a true Green Leader!
Their Sustainable Products include . . .
☑️Handcrafted vegan natural skincare made without synthetics
☑️Their entire product line is available in refill to help reduce waste and save money
☑️DIY botanical ingredients, including essential oils, are available in refill
☑️Sustainable living housewares at reasonable prices
☑️Canadian Made, Vegan, Affordable, Sustainable

Their Ecological Footprint:
“ We make every effort to reduce our ecological footprint by offering quality products that use sustainably sourced ingredients, reusable packaging, and a refill station where you can bring your own container (BYOC) to fill up on what you need.” – Tara Holguin

🌳Reusable Containers. Many of which are made from recycled materials or plastic-free.
🌳Selection of supplies to support the plastic-free movement. Including produce bags, beeswax wraps, stainless steel straws and much more!

Tara’s Green Journey started after realizing the negative affects that harmful ingredients and chemicals can have toward our health and our planet. Safe in small doses was not good enough for this Green Leader. She sought out to make purely natural products & sustainable living accessories more affordable in order to help more people make the switch to green living.